Naritas (North Shore, New Zealand)

I guess I told a lot of times already that Naritas (North Shore, New Zealand) is one of our favourite restaurants, it is one of our usual go to places when we are lazy to cook something

I guess I told a lot of times already that this is one of our favourite restaurants, it is one of our usual go to places when we are lazy to cook something at home. The food is nice and the price is quite reasonable especially during lunch where the bento boxes are almost half the price. I think I am not the only one who loves them in fact it has a lot of good reviews just have a look hereor here.

I already posted something about Naritas before but that’s quite different to today’s post, what I will be sharing today is mostly seafood as our main orders were Narita Osusume (Salmon Lovers) NZ$28.90 and Grill your own Seafood Bento (I can remember how much this costs now).

Like before we were given some edamame and green tea.

While enjoying it our orders started to arrive. First item served was the Narita Osusume (Salmon lover) where it consists of Sashimi, Sushi,

Bread-crumbed Prawn-fry, Tempura on Rice

Naritas 06

and a good sized Salmon Teriyaki

Overall they are amazing specially the sushi and sashimi, you can taste the freshness of the fish. The salmon teriyaki is cooked well and the teriyaki glaze is just phenomenal.

Next up is the Grill your own Seafood Bento where it consists of raw seafood like prawns, mussels, scallops and oyster

which is served with a portable grill

it is also served with gyoza, prawn sushi and a side salad made out of Enokitake.

and it comes with an Okonomiyaki Don

Again as you can see, the seafood are fresh hence it tasted really good. I also loved the Okonomiyaki Don and that side salad.

We also ordered Okosama Dinner (Children’s meal) NZ$17.90 for our daughter and this contains Sushi, Sausage, Fried Chicken, Prawn and Vegetable Tempura, Tonkatsu, Chicken Teriyaki on Rice

We also ordered some mixed yakitori which is a good sampler of different yakitori like prawn, beef, pork, chicken and mushroom.

Finally the ice creams were served and it comes free with the set dishes we had. Again Naritas did not let me down the food is always great, staff are friendly but if you want to dine in during dinner book in advance as they are always full. Sadly until now they don’t have their own website but if you want to see what other items are there on their menu I found some here.

Narita Japanese Restaurant
Address: 31 Link Drive (Unit 3), Wairau Park, North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand
Phone: +6494440084

Narita Japanese Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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  1. I like the new look of the blog, well done. :) And as always, the food looks great!

  2. Dear Raymund,

    THe portable grill so common in Korean restaurants is a first to me for Japanese restaurants. Most are open fire yakiniku grills here in Sydney.

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