Sprungli 2019 (Zurich, Switzerland)

Our visit to Switzerland will not be complete without going to Sprungli, we had been here in 2013, 2016 and this year, why? One reason, their Luxembergerli, and if you don’t know what that is, its Sprunglis take on macaron, if you haven’t tried it then you are missing a lot.  Personally, I consider them to be the best macaron in the world, at least the ones I tried, and yes if you ask, I had tried a lot of macarons around Europe, Asia, Oceania and Americas.

But don’t go here just for that as Confiserie Sprüngli also offers other delicious things like chocolates, pralines, truffles, desserts, sandwiches and pastries.  They had mastered this trade for more than 175 years so you know it will be the best.  Most items are handmade and using the best ingredients so trust me you never go wrong with it.

We had tried some of their pastries and dessert before and it was amazing, way much more than we expected but the Luxembergerli is something to die for! Like most of the offerings, these are hand-made fresh every day from highest quality natural ingredients, and every time we go here the box of macarons that we get becomes bigger and bigger, it’s just so good.  The only downside to it is that you need to eat them fresh, otherwise it won’t be as good as it is, we tried to store some, while its still good, it’s not as amazing as the day we bought them.

This time around we grabbed the 230g box which costs around CHF 30.00 which is around USD 30.00, and that box contains 27 pieces of these delicious morsels.  And on our box contains most of the flavours they had on that day which are (descriptions are copied from their site):

Vanilla/Chocolate Deluxe – Exquisitely creamy filling made with finest vanilla, in a sophisticated combination with an intense core of gorgeously smooth-melting chocolate.
Pistachio – Creamy, nutty filling of roasted pistachios, enhanced with crunchy pistachio pieces.
Bourbon-Vanille – A light and airy mini-macaroon filled with an elegant vanilla cream and best Bourbon vanilla seeds.
Chocolate – A light and airy mini-macaroon with a strong chocolate filling.
Hazelnut – Delicious hazelnut cream filling, refined with roasted hazelnut granules.
Champagner Gold – Exquisite Gold Luxemburgerli with white chocolate and a dash of Perrier-Jouët champagne.
Champagner deluxe – The classic champagne filling, complemented by a sophisticated centre featuring Perrier-Jouët champagne.
Caramel/Fleur de Sel – Luxemburgerli with delicious caramel and a hint of Fleur de Sel.
Citron – Delicate mini macaroons filled with a fresh-and-fruity cream made from finest lemons.
Raspberry Deluxe – A tasty filling made from finest raspberries, complemented by a fruity-fresh raspberry centre.

Everything was amazing so picking the best one is hard, pistachio is definitely the best for me but the difference between the others are minute, it’s almost irrelevant.  I would be glad if I get given any flavour and would never complain.

So that’s it, same quality over the years, never had changed.  Hopefully we could visit them again after three years and get another big box of this bad ass!

Confiserie Sprüngli
Address: Paradeplatz, Bahnhofstrasse 21, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland
Phone: +41 44 224 46 46
Website: https://www.spruengli.ch/


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