Jean Luc Pelé (Cannes, France)

When we were in France last summer we ate a lot of Macarons in search for the best one. It was a big experiment so it was like a love and hate relationship roller coaster with different patisseries. Of all different establishments we tried I guess the good ones are only 50% of its which in a way disappointed us because we have high expectations, luckily the last one we tried was one if not the best we tried in France.

It was in our last leg for our journey in France when we discovered Aterlier Jean Luc Pelé. Cannes was the place and it happened on the last hours on our last day as we stroll through the different shopping alleys in Cannes like Rue d’Antibes, Rue du Suquet, Rue du Marche Forville and Rue Meynadier.

I still remember we passed by the establishment already in the morning but my daughter was determined to look for an NBA cap so sort of disregarded it. Nearly a day passed and as we go back to our parking lot we passed by the establishment again and now we had some time pondering whether are we going to buy them, as we went in we find lots of distractions, lots of wonderful looking pastries to choose from.

Then as we look at their macaron section, we saw this wonderful selection. We also notice their macarons are bigger than normal and they are expensive EUR 3.80 each (PHP 220.00 / US$ 5.20) or EUR 13.60 per 8 pieces. At that price this must be something and it either equates to a really good macaroon or everything is much more expensive in Cannes, so we bought 8 pieces called the Classics which contains: Chocolate 66%, Coffee, Chocolate 80%, Vanilla, Salted Butter Caramel, Pistachio, Lemon and Raspberry.

After getting our order, we sat down outside and gave them a shot. The verdict was the fruit flavoured ones was really good and the filling was perfectly made, it was soft and the fruit taste was strong. The macaron shell itself was good as well crunchy and does not taste gritty or floury like the other ones we tried. We also loved the chocolate specially the 80% ones as well as the pistachio.
Jean Luc Pelé
36 Rue Meynadier
06400 Cannes


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  1. I could never resist macarons. Never.

  2. wow, 5.20 USD for a single maccaron, i hope it’s ll worthed…
    i guess i can cursed them if it’s not all worthed!

  3. kitchenriffs says:

    I love the looks of macarons, but more often than not the flavor falls kinda flat. At least the ones I’ve had. They’re really pretty, though. Fun post – thanks.

  4. You were so lucky to have tried these !

  5. It all looks dangerously delicious!

  6. cquek says:

    oh i am going to the gym after all the delicious desserts.

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