Taro Milk Tea 1

Taro Milk Tea

We made milk tea before and it was the red bean flavour this time we will be doing taro milk tea which my wife and daughter had requested for quite some time now. Like before this is more of a trial recipe because the real thing that is sold in...

Earl Grey Calamansi Iced Tea 1

Earl Grey Calamansi Iced Tea

It is calamansi season again here in New Zealand and I got given a good amount of it several weeks ago, while I use them a lot on dips and dishes the best way to use it is either a lemonade style drink or even better an iced tea. So,...

Red Bean Bubble Tea 1

Red Bean Bubble Tea

Before you start reading this article I would love to announce that Ang Sarap is nominated at Bloggys 2015, the Philippines’ premiere blog awarding event. Who does not want to win the blog of the year? So if you want Ang Sarap to win this voting is now open, just...