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Fabada or Fabada asturiana is Spanish Stew made out of different preserved meats like dried pork shoulder (lacón gallego), bacon (tocino), black pudding (morcilla), chorizo and white beans. It is originated and is popular in the Northern region of Spain called Asturias but it is available throughout the whole of...

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I never thought I would like sauerkraut, I guess there will be a lot out there with the same feeling but that had changed when I tried this dish called Bigos it worked well in this stew you won’t even realize you are eating them. Bigos is a popular Polish...

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Cassoulet is a slowly cooked French stew that is made out of duck legs, Toulouse sausages and haricot beans then topped with fried bread crumbs and cracklings. The name was derived from the traditional cooking pot where this dish is typically cooked. There are several varieties of this dish and...