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How to Make Latik 1

How to Make Latik

Latik is an ingredient used mostly to garnish Filipino rice cakes like ube halaya, biko, maja blanca and sapin sapin prepared by simmering coconut milk until is reduced and separates into oil and fragrant curds. Latik in Visayas means differently and is usually referred to as the sweet syrup made...

Crispy Onions 1

Crispy Onions

Onion straws, Onion strings, Crispy onion straws or French fried onions are deep fried coated onions commonly served as an appetizer, side dish or as a garnish. A distant relative to the onion rings but instead of a thick batter and round shapes this thinly sliced onions are lightly coated...

Preserved Lemons 1

Preserved Lemons

Preserved Lemons, Country Lemon or Leems are pickled lemons commonly used in the Indian and North African cuisine, it is a simple pickle where it is brined in water, lemon juice and salt. Pickling can last for months before it is used and for best results it should be left...