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Bushman's Grill (North Shore City, New Zealand) 1

Bushman’s Grill (North Shore City, New Zealand)

We dined in several months ago after several of our friends recommended to try their Family Platter which costs $78.00. We visited the place on a Sunday so we got more bang for our buck as they have Family Platter on special during that time.  Instead of paying $78.00 it...

Boerewors 1


Boerewors for those who haven’t tried or even heard of it is a traditional South African sausage made out of minced meat like pork, beef and lamb mixed with pork fat (coming from speck or bacon) and an array of spices like coriander seeds, nutmeg, allspice, cloves and thyme. I...



Bobotie or bobotjie is a South African dish made out of minced meat such as lamb, pork or beef mixed with different herbs and spices, dried fruits and an egg topping. For me the best way to describe is it a spicy curry flavoured meatloaf with savoury custard topping. Bobotie...