Cullen Skink 1

Cullen Skink

If you think you usual chowders is richly flavoured then try this Scottish type of chowder, it will definitely render your usual chowder tasteless. Cullen Skink is a traditional thick Scottish soup prepared using smoked fish (primarily haddock), potatoes and onions, a local specialty of the town of Cullen in...

Shortbread Cookies 1

Shortbread Cookies

Shortbread cookies is a simple recipe of sugar, butter and flour, it originated in Scotland and it is popular everywhere especially in United Kingdom, Denmark, Ireland and Sweden. This cookie or biscuit is named like such due to its crumbly texture, similar to the word “shortening” it refers to any...

Chicken and Leek Soup (Cock-a-leekie)

Chicken and Leek Soup (Cock-a-leekie)

Chicken and Leek Soup or what is known as Cock-a-leekie is one of the great soups that the Scottish people contributed to the world cuisine.  Traditionally cooked with chicken, prunes, leeks and an array of vegetables. But the modern versions sometimes don’t have the prunes anymore but leek should be...