Category: Ang Sarap Original

Original recipes created by Raymund for Ang Sarap

Tapioca Pie 1 6

Tapioca Pie

When we visited Hong Kong early this year we dined in once at McDonald’s and there we met a black bun burger and the taro pie, it was our first time to try it...

Kamote Muffins 2 3

Kamote Muffins

Kamote muffins is one of those things I created because of an accident, I was thinking of making a kamote cake based on my ube cake recipe but I forgot our mixer was broken...

Cheesy Chorizo Sausage Rolls 1 9

Cheesy Chorizo Sausage Rolls

Sausage rolls is quite popular here in New Zealand, every potluck I go to there is a high chance that this pastry will show up. Having said that I had my fair share of...

Empanadalette 1 4


Empanadalette is a breakfast dish originally created here at Ang Sarap, this dish is a combination of an empanada and an omelette. It was created by chance when we were making some empanadas and...

Pizzalette 1 5


I haven’t seen any recipe of this online so I will be claiming it as an Ang Sarap original– and call it Pizzalette. So what is it? Pizzalette is a breakfast dish where pizza...

Bagoong Fried Chicken 1 12

Bagoong Fried Chicken

Bagoong is a salty pungent fermented shrimp popular in the Philippine cuisine used either as a side dish or a flavouring agent to different dishes but I guess this haven’t been used to flavour...