De Yue Lou (Albany, North Shore City, New Zealand)

De Yue Lou in Albany offers a variety of traditional Chinese dishes. Despite its cleanliness, slow service and disappointing food marred our visit. Tried De Yue Lou in Albany – Clean spot with a wide variety of traditional Chinese dishes, but the slow service and food didn’t meet our expectations. Best dish: Sautéed Eggplant with Spicy Garlic Sauce! #FoodReview #AlbanyEats #ChineseCuisine

Located at the end of the block of the building in the corner of Oracle Drive and William Laurie Place in Albany, De Yue Lou offers both indoor and outdoor seating areas. The restaurant boasts a wide variety of traditional Chinese cuisines but be prepared for a slow dining experience as the service tends to be quite sluggish.

I brought my family here and happened to find a lobster special on the menu – a dish of lobster noodles for $99. Intrigued, we decided to order it. Unfortunately, our experience turned out to be less than satisfactory. Initially, they accepted our order, but later informed us that the lobster we requested was no longer available. They proposed serving us a larger lobster, which we would have to share with another table. Determined to try the dish, we agreed.

As we waited for our lobster, our other orders arrived, but the lobster was nowhere in sight. We saw the other half of the lobster being served to the other table, but ours was still not ready. We tried to enjoy our other three dishes and slow down our pace, but after an hour, the lobster still hadn’t arrived. Despite reminding the staff multiple times, we only received a small bowl of peanuts as a token for our long wait.

After another 30 minutes, we decided we couldn’t wait any longer. We were seated near the kitchen and saw the staff only starting to cook our lobster after our final complaint. Despite finishing our other food, the lobster was still not served. We informed the server we were leaving, as it had been nearly two hours since we placed our order. We paid for the dishes we had and left without ever seeing our lobster.

Special Lobster with Noodle ($99.00) – A dish we were eagerly anticipating but never received. The experience was marred by the excessive wait and poor communication from the staff.

Sautéed Eggplant with Spicy Garlic Sauce (NZ$28.00) – This dish tasted surprisingly like Filipino spaghetti. The sauce was sweet with small bits of minced meat, and the eggplant had a nice texture, perfectly cooked. However, it’s overly sweet taste might not be for everyone, though fans of Filipino spaghetti would likely enjoy it.

Beef Fried Rice (NZ$21.00) – This was one of the worst fried rice dishes we’ve ever tried. It lacked flavour and had an insufficient amount of beef. The beef that was present reminded us of the cubed dehydrated meat found in premium instant noodles – small and dry.

6 pcs Xiao Long Bao (NZ$10.00) – Another disappointment, the Xiao Long Bao lacked the essential soupiness. The dumplings were small, and the filling was tough, resembling a hard meatball more than a tender, juicy dumpling.

Overall, our experience at De Yue Lou was the worst we’ve had this year. The only redeeming factor was the eggplant dish, and the cleanliness of the place. They also don’t offer free Chinese tea, which is typically expected at Chinese restaurants. The indoor seating was limited, and the outdoor seating was too cold at night. The dishes were pricey, portions were small, and the food didn’t match the pictures on the menu. We left feeling that the environment was okay, but the taste was below average, and the prices did not justify the quality or quantity of the food.

De Yue Lou 得月楼
Address: 6/8 Oracle Drive, Albany, Auckland 0632, New Zealand
Phone: +649 985 4555


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