Siamese Doll (Hobsonville, Auckland, New Zealand)

Discover the vibrant flavours of Thai cuisine at Siamese Doll in Hobsonville, Auckland. Despite mixed reviews on service, the dog-friendly policy and vibrant location make it a charming spot for a meal amidst the bustling market atmosphere!  Embark on a Thai culinary adventure at Siamese Doll in Hobsonville! Despite the chilly reception, the succulent pork belly and zesty Lemon Lime and Bitters make it a must-visit for foodies and furry friends alike! #SiameseDoll #ThaiCuisine

Nestled within the vibrant precinct of Hobsonville Point, Auckland, Siamese Doll beckons diners with the allure of authentic Thai cuisine amidst the bustling market atmosphere. Following an exhilarating romp at the leash-free dog park plus a 5 kilometer walk around Hobsonville Coastal Walkway, accompanied by our beloved Coco, we embarked on a quest to satiate our appetites and immerse ourselves in the vibrant flavours of Thailand.

Upon our arrival at Siamese Doll, we were enveloped in the delightful buzz of Catalina Bay Farmers Market activity, accompanied by the tantalizing aroma of exotic spices wafting through the air, specially that caramel popcorn beside it. The restaurant’s strategic location, amidst the lively market, added an extra layer of charm to our dining experience.

When it comes to dining at Siamese Doll, you’ve got two enticing options: alfresco or indoors. Despite the chilly weather, we opted for the outdoor seating area, drawn by the vibrant atmosphere and the company of our beloved Coco. Indoors seemed a bit too dimly lit for our liking, but with Coco in tow, the choice was clear.

Before coming here, we did visit Fabric Cafe Bistro first, just around the corner, where Coco, to our surprise was graciously welcomed inside. However, with a bustling crowd and a kitchen wait time of at least 40 minutes, hunger got the best of us, prompting us to seek out another spot. And that’s how we stumbled upon Siamese Doll.

Our food adventure began with the Free-range Chicken Pad Thai (NZ$22.00), a Thai favourite that exceeded all expectations. Despite its humble pale appearance, each bite was a revelation of flavours – tender chicken intertwined with the crunch of peanuts, the freshness of chives, and the subtle tang of beansprouts.

For our next dish, we savoured the Massaman Curry of Pork Belly served with Roti Bread (NZ$28.00), a dish of unparalleled indulgence. Featuring succulent pork belly infused with aromatic spices, accompanied by tender carrots and potatoes, every spoonful of the rich, velvety curry sauce was a sensory delight that lingered long after the meal was over.

As we savoured our delectable meal, we indulged in the refreshing zest of Lemon Lime and Bitters, a perennial favourite of my wife. The crisp, citrusy notes provided the perfect accompaniment to our flavourful feast, refreshing our palates and enhancing the overall dining experience.

However, our gastronomic delight was somewhat marred by the lacklustre service we encountered throughout our meal. Despite the bustling crowd, the waitstaff appeared disengaged and indifferent, failing to deliver the level of hospitality one would expect from a dining establishment of this calibre. Our repeated requests to have the outdoor heater activated went unheeded until the third attempt, detracting from the overall enjoyment of our dining experience.

While Siamese Doll offers a tantalizing glimpse into the vibrant world of Thai cuisine, the inconsistent service leaves much to be desired. Nevertheless, for those seeking a dog-friendly dining option in the heart of Hobsonville, Siamese Doll presents a viable choice only if the nearby restaurant has long wait times. A place offering a taste of Thailand amidst the bustling energy of the market.

Siamese Doll
Address: 3 Boundary Road, Hobsonville, Auckland 0616, New Zealand
Phone: +64 9 416 0333

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  • I was about to say that you stumbled across a hidden gem of a restaurant...except the service really takes it down a notch. Either way, the food looks fantastic! I hope they get their front of the house issues figured out!

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