Myung Ga Buffet 명가 (Browns Bay, North Shore City, New Zealand)

Dive into a culinary adventure at Myung Ga Buffet 명가! 🍲 From authentic Korean delights to ocean views, this buffet has it all. #KoreanFood #BrownsBay 🌊 Indulge in authentic Korean flavours at Myung Ga Buffet 명가 in Browns Bay. Affordable buffet, delightful dishes, and ocean views await!

Nestled in the vibrant Browns Bay area, Myung Ga Buffet 명가 offers a truly authentic Korean dining experience. From the moment you step in, you’re enveloped in the warm, inviting atmosphere buzzing with chatter and the irresistible aroma of Korean delights.

As we entered, we couldn’t help but notice the diverse crowd of patrons, predominantly Korean—a telltale sign of an excellent Korean restaurant. Despite the bustling lunch hour, ample seating ensured everyone found a comfortable spot.

The buffet spread was a delightful sight, boasting a plethora of Korean-style dishes that transported me back to homemade Korean meals. Priced at a modest NZ$27.00, the value for money was undeniable. I found myself drawn to the red bean porridge and the assortment of side dishes, known as 나물 (Namul), adding depth and authenticity to every bite. And let’s not forget with that amount of side dishes you can literally make your own bibimbap.

The attentive staff ensured a seamless dining experience, swiftly replenishing dishes and attending to guests’ needs. Despite the bustling atmosphere, their efficiency never wavered.

From kimbap to Tteokbokki, the buffet boasted a delightful array of Korean favourites. Personal favourites included the Rose Tteokbokki, Beef Bulgogi, and Jeyuk Bokkeum—each dish bursting with authentic flavours.

The spacious restaurant, offering a picturesque view of the ocean, added to the dining experience’s charm. While the ambiance felt reminiscent of an old-school 1980’s school canteen, the delectable food more than made up for it.

What truly set Myung Ga Buffet apart was its inclusivity—drinks were included, offering a refreshing respite from the savoury dishes. From the first sip of the rice drink, the refreshing fruit juice, to the last drop of coffee, every beverage was a delight.

Myung Ga Buffet 명가 is a hidden gem in Browns Bay, offering unbeatable value, delicious homestyle Korean cuisine, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Whether you’re a seasoned Korean food enthusiast or a newcomer to the cuisine, this buffet is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Myung Ga Buffet 명가
Address: 527 East Coast Road, Browns Bay, Auckland 0630
Phone: +649 476 5000


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