Top 5 Tips for Successful Family Meal Planning

Is work and life so hectic that it significantly reduces your time making family meals? If so, you’re not alone; nearly half of surveyed families say they have similar woes.

The good news is that proper family meal planning can help you enjoy eating with your loved ones more often.

We’ve shared our top tips for preparing and planning healthy family meals that everyone in your household can eat together, so read on.

1. Involve All Household Members

Think of family meal planning as teamwork. The more people that help out, the faster the job gets done.

More than that, planning meals with every household member, especially the kids, teaches them responsibility early on. They learn more about foods and nutrition, which can help them make healthy choices as they grow older. Experts also say that letting kids try cooking can make them less likely to be picky eaters.

2. List Everyone’s Favorite Family Recipes

Including recipes each household member loves in the family menu will likely make them more willing to help.

You should also ask each family member, even your little ones, for ideas. It’s an excellent way to get them started on participating and make them feel that you value their opinions.

3. Make a When-to-Eat Schedule

Once you have several recipes on your list, categorize them based on their cooking difficulty. Prioritize the easiest to make, and reserve those that take longer to prep and make for the weekends.

For example, you can classify the recipes as 15-minute, 30-minute, or 1-hour meals. Doing so allows you to schedule when to eat them based on everyone else’s schedules. For instance, you can make 15-minute meals on weekdays, when everyone is typically busiest, and 30-minute or 1-hour meals on weekends.

4. Take a Kitchen Inventory

In the U.S. alone, one-third of the food supply goes to waste yearly.

You can minimize such wastage by always considering what’s on hand when planning family meals. Check your kitchen cabinets, pantry, fridge, and freezer to see which ingredients you already have. This way, you’d only have to shop for the missing items necessary to prepare your affordable family meals.

5. Consider Family Meal Kits for Super Busy Days

Family meal kits are subscription food delivery services. They include fresh ingredients pre-portioned for each household member and easy-to-understand recipe instructions. They can be a good alternative for days when your entire family is too busy to shop and chop.

Family meal kit providers typically allow you to choose from dozens of recipes that change weekly. They can make your meals as varied as possible, reducing the odds of food boredom. You can learn more about these kits by checking out this EveryPlate easy meal planning guide.

Make Family Meal Planning a Breeze With These Tips

To make family meal planning a success, start by getting everyone on board. Be sure to include recipes your entire family loves, schedule when you’ll have them, and avoid wasting food by ensuring you use what you already have. Lastly, consider meal kits for days when everyone’s strapped for time.

All those tips can help you enjoy family meals together and more often at that.

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