Tsujiri (Albany, North Shore City, New Zealand)

🍵 Dive into a world of matcha magic at Tsujiri! From creamy parfaits to indulgent soft serve, every bite is a taste of green tea heaven. Join us on a matcha adventure like no other! #TsujiriNZ #MatchaMadness #GreenTeaDelights.  Embark on a matcha journey at Tsujiri in Albany, North Shore City. From Uji Fusion Parfait to matcha soft serve, discover a world of green tea delights at this serene haven for matcha enthusiasts.

While my daughter is a fervent admirer of matcha, my wife and I have always been hesitant to embrace its distinct flavour profile. My daughter has embarked on a journey to acquaint us with the wonders of matcha, gently introducing us to its distinctive flavour. As a result, you may have noticed some of her creations featured on this blog, such as her delectable Matcha Crinkles, enticing Matcha Sugar Cookies, delicate Matcha and Adzuki Bean Roll Cake, and heavenly Matcha Macarons, among others. Each recipe has been carefully crafted to suit our palate, ensuring we gradually acclimate to the bold and captivating taste of matcha without overwhelming our senses.

Today, spurred on by curiosity and a desire to expand our culinary horizons, we found ourselves stepping into Tsujiri, a haven for matcha enthusiasts. Tsujiri’s reputation as a matcha lover’s paradise preceded it, yet we approached our visit with cautious optimism. Tsujiri, nestled in the serene environs of Albany, offers an ambiance of tranquillity that perfectly complements the indulgence of a post-meal dessert, following a scrumptious dining experience at San Marco Trattoria & Bar.

Opting to start our matcha journey slowly, we settled on the Uji Fusion Parfait Matcha (NZ$14.80), a tantalizing blend of matcha-infused delights. As the single order arrived promptly, we braced ourselves for an encounter with the famed green tea flavour.

Much to our delight, the intensity of the matcha was beautifully balanced by the accompanying matcha cake, cream, and macaron, resulting in a harmonious symphony of flavours and textures. While the essence of matcha remained present, its bold grassy notes were gracefully softened by the interplay of other ingredients, allowing us to savour its intricate complexities without being overpowered.

As we savoured each spoonful of the Uji Fusion Parfait Matcha, we couldn’t help but admire the attention to detail and craftsmanship evident in every component. From the self-serve kiosk at the counter to the friendly staff members who guided us through our order, every aspect of our experience was a testament to Tsujiri’s commitment to excellence.

While our journey into matcha territory may have begun reluctantly, it ended with a newfound appreciation for this revered Japanese ingredient. The matcha soft ice cream proved to be a revelation, with its bold flavour and subtle sweetness winning us over with each creamy bite.

Tsujiri may be a matcha lover’s paradise, but it also offers a welcoming haven for those who are new to the world of green tea. With its impeccable service, innovative creations, and unmatched dedication to quality, Tsujiri has undoubtedly earned its reputation as a purveyor of the finest matcha delights in New Zealand.

Address: 59 Corinthian Drive, Albany, Auckland 0632, New Zealand
Phone: +649 447 1428
Website: https://tsujiri.co.nz/


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