Acafe (BlueSong) Coffee & Mocktails (Rosedale, North Shore City, New Zealand)

🌟 Late-night hangout alert! Discover Acafe in Rosedale North Shore for unique lattes and bingsu desserts. Perfect for quiet chats and night owls. 🌙 Acafe in Rosedale North Shore is a trendy spot open till late, offering unique lattes and bingsu desserts. It’s worth a visit but manage your expectations.

In the quest for a late-night dessert oasis, Rosedale North Shore residents were previously limited to just one option: Meet Fresh. However, a newfound gem has emerged in the neighbourhood, catching our attention after a viral TikTok video showcased its tantalizing bingsu offerings. Intrigued by the buzz, we embarked on a journey to uncover the delights of Acafe (BlueSong) Coffee & Mocktails.

Venturing to the café one evening, we were pleasantly surprised to find it open until 11 pm, making it an ideal destination for those nocturnal cravings. Our first encounter, unfortunately, left us disheartened as the bingsu, the star of the viral video, was unavailable. Despite the setback, we remained determined and returned for a second visit on a different occasion.

As we entered the café once again, the same friendly face greeted us from behind the counter. This time, luck was on our side as bingsu was indeed on the menu. Opting for the Strawberry Bingsu paired with a Chestnut Latte, we eagerly awaited our order. However, the anticipation soon turned into disappointment as we were presented with a mound of ice adorned with minimal toppings, a far cry from the lavish display depicted in the TikTok sensation. The bingsu, while sizable, lacked the promised toppings, resulting in a somewhat lacklustre experience. Despite this setback, the Chestnut Latte emerged as the saving grace of our visit. Its rich, creamy texture and pronounced chestnut flavour offered a comforting indulgence, perfect for a late-night reprieve.

Beyond the culinary offerings, Acafe exudes a chic ambiance, boasting tasteful décor and impeccable cleanliness. Yet, on both occasions, the cabinet display appeared sparse, hinting that perhaps we had arrived too late in the evening to sample the full array of offerings.

In summation, Acafe (BlueSong) Coffee & Mocktails presents itself as a viable option for a late-night rendezvous. However, for those seeking a diverse menu or a more fulfilling bingsu experience, alternative venues like Snowman or Meet Fresh may prove to be more satisfying. Nevertheless, if you find yourself in the area yearning for a tranquil spot to unwind, Acafe beckons with its serene ambiance and tempting drinks, if there are anything displayed on the cabinets.

Acafe (BlueSong) Coffee & Mocktails
Address: 6/4 Arrenway Drive, Rosedale, Auckland 0632, New Zealand
Phone: +64 210 235 2463


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