Gerome (Parnell, Auckland CBD, New Zealand)

Embark on a Greek culinary odyssey at Gerome in Parnell! 🍽️ From chargrilled lamb skewers to Nutella-infused loukoumades, each bite is a symphony of flavours. Experience dining at its finest! #GeromeParnell #GreekCuisine.  Discover Greek culinary excellence at Gerome, Parnell. Indulge in curated menus and flavourful dishes for a memorable dining experience.

Despite the tardiness of this post, I’m eager to share our delightful experience at Gerome in Parnell, Auckland. This Valentine’s Day rendezvous, though belatedly recounted, left an indelible impression worth sharing.

On special occasions, we typically opt for degustation menus. However, Valentine’s Day in New Zealand often features set menus reminiscent of degustation experiences. Gerome, a Greek culinary gem, precisely offered that—a curated journey through Greek flavours, where trust in the chef’s expertise is paramount.

Stepping into Gerome, nestled amidst Parnell’s eclectic boutiques and eateries, we embarked on our first Greek culinary adventure in New Zealand. Although Greek cuisine wasn’t our usual choice, we welcomed the opportunity to explore new flavours.

Gerome’s culinary philosophy revolves around the essence of Greek cooking, celebrating seasonal produce and traditional techniques. Each dish is a masterpiece, crafted with care and displaying the best Aegean flavours.

During our visit, the Valentine’s special menu (NZ$79.00) unfolded in four courses, each comprising a selection of tantalizing offerings:

Course 1:

  • House pita breads, hummus, carrot tzatziki

Course 2:

  • Fried kataifi prawns, carrot tzatziki, honey, citrus
  • House falafel, lemon tahini

Course 3:

  • Chargrilled lamb skewers, couscousaki, green leaves, beetroot hummus
  • Barbecued harissa-rubbed chicken skewers cooked over coals, potato skordalia
  • Seasonal vegetables
  • House chips, mountain oregano, lemon zest

Course 4:

  • Loukoumades, Nutella, honey, hazelnuts, coffee ice cream
  • Rolled baklava, Greek nuts, mascarpone, Metaxa syrup

Every dish at Gerome was a culinary marvel, meticulously prepared and bursting with flavour. The lamb skewers, tender and succulent, stole the show, while the prawns impressed with their presentation and diverse textures.

However, a minor gripe arose from the repetition of carrot tzatziki across two courses, detracting from the overall variety, perhaps Melitzanosalata would be a better option on the first course. Additionally, while the mains showcased both skewered grilled meats, diversifying the presentation could enhance the dining experience, like one can be a skewered meat and the other can be Keftedes. Finally, the seasonal vegetables, comprising raw broccoli with yogurt dressing and cranberries, lacked the expected flavour punch.

Yet, these minor qualms were eclipsed by Gerome’s impeccable service, inviting ambiance, and delectable offerings. From attentive staff to creative dishes, Gerome offers a memorable dining experience worthy of praise.

Address: 269 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland 1052, New Zealand
Phone: +649 373 3883


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  1. Hannah says:

    What elegant, beautifully plated, and thoughtfully composed dishes! You can really see the skill and effort that went into this whole menu. I especially love that shock of bright pink beet hummus!

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