Beyond Kimchi & KBBQ: Unexpected Street Food Gems in Korea

Skip the usual suspects! Discover unique Korean street food beyond gimbap & bulgogi: savory cheese hotdogs, spicy ddeokbokki & trendy honeycomb ice cream. Near Dongdaemun & Haeundae!  🇰🇷 Street food adventures in Korea! Cheesy dog overdose near Dongdaemun? ️ Fiery ddeokbokki near Lotte World? Sweet surprise & honeycomb heaven in Haeundae! What’s your favorite Korean street food? #FoodieInKorea #TravelEats #HiddenGems

Amongst the plentiful food options Korea has to offer, Korea is well known for the street food they have to offer. On our first stop, we stumbled across a food truck Situated at a walking distance outside of Dongdaemun station (동대문역), offering a variety of well-known street food, such as Hot dogs, Sotteok Sotteok (소떡소떡) and sausages, so, of course, we had to try.

We ordered the generic cheese hotdog and cheese and potato hotdog as well as Sotteok Sotteok (소떡소떡). I must say I was quite underwhelmed with the bready texture of the dough; I suppose it’s because I already had envisioned the taste to be somewhat similar to Mighty Hotdog, with the light batter and crispy texture. I suppose the hotdogs had been sitting in the truck for a while hence the Ahjumma (아줌마) just heated the food for us on the spot so that it would be served warm. Due to the bready texture, it overpowered everything else within the hotdog making the cheese inside the hotdog seem minimal due to the thick exterior. On the other hand, the Sotteok Sotteok (소떡소떡) was what I expected it to be, something a little sweet and spicy and the chewiness of the Ddeok (떡) added texture to the dish, there were also sausages in between the Ddeoks which I assume were cocktail sausages.

Overall, the hotdogs were not what I expected at all, so I was a bit disappointed. Would much prefer paying at a higher price to eat Mighty Hotdog instead.

The second food experience we tried was 마리왕 (Maliwang) located in the same mall complex as Lotte World (롯데월드). At the time we went, the stall was packed with several people so of course we had to try.

Providing a variety of dishes, I ended up ordering Ddeokbokki (떡볶이) and tiny Kimbap, otherwise known as Mayak Kimbap (마약김밥). The kimbap flavours were eel and some sort of pork, which I can’t seem to remember the name of. As expected, both dishes were good. The usual you’d expect at any Korean franchise. The tangy sweetness of the Ddeobokki (떡볶이) and the texture of the Ddeok (떡) were my preference, not too soft but also not too hard. The overall dish was a decent size too. The two flavours of the kimbap were also great but I suppose you’d need to order a bit more if you’re looking for more than just a snack as I managed to finish the two rolls within 3 to 4 bites.

Lastly, Honeycomb ice cream seemed to be a new trend in Korea that has been frequently talked about online, so of course when we were walking through the Haeundae traditional market my eyes lit up when I saw a honeycomb stand. Only costing 6,000 won the size was larger than I expected. It was a vanilla ice cream, topped with honey and of course the star of the show, the honeycomb which was smaller than I expected.

Not having too much of a sweet tooth I was second guessing whether I would be able to finish the whole ice cream thinking about how sweet it must be, but I was proven wrong after my first bite. The mildness of the ice cream mixed well with the sweetness of the honey, not making the taste so overpowering. Something you could easily eat again as a sweet treat after dinner.

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  • So interesting to compare even if perfection may at times be treading a bit away . . . oh, am making useful notes!

  • I do love learning about street food from different places! This sounds like the best day ever just heading out and trying all sorts of fun street foods. I haven't heard of honeycomb ice cream before...but clearly I need to know more!! (I have made honey ice cream in the past, and it's fantastic. Just need to add some honeycomb now...)

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