Bistro Fifty-Five (Albany, North Shore City, New Zealand)

Bistro Fifty-Five: Hidden gem with chic vibes, delicious food, & coffee worth waiting for.  Found a secret haven!@BistroFiftyFive has killer brunch, Insta-worthy views, & coffee that’s worth the hype. #BrunchGoals #HiddenGem

Tucked away behind a discreet entrance, Bistro Fifty-Five unveils itself as a delightful surprise. It’s not just a cafe; it’s an experience. From the moment you step inside, you’re enveloped by a vibrant atmosphere – a symphony of chic decor, delectable aromas, and the gentle hum of conversation.

Now, I admit, I’m a bit of a coffee snob. We New Zealanders practically have it written in our passports. So, when the first sip of my Long Black was unexpectedly sour, my inner critic flared. But here’s the thing about Bistro Fifty-Five, they don’t just serve decent food; they serve transparency and genuine care.

As I took a tentative sip, the manager noticed my questionable facial expression. Without waiting for a complaint, they approached, concern etched on their face. “Is everything alright with your coffee?” they asked, not defensively, but sincerely. In that moment, I knew I was in good hands.

I explained the coffee sourness, and without a hint of hesitation, the manager assured me it wasn’t up to their standards. They explained that the espresso machine hadn’t been cleaned properly that morning, throwing the pressure off and affecting the flavour. My heart sank a little, but what happened next restored my faith in coffee magic.

Right there, in front of me, the manager and barista embarked on a cleaning ritual. Grinder brushes danced, steaming valves hissed, and filters were replaced with meticulous care. It was a coffee enthusiast’s ballet, a testament to their dedication to the perfect cup.

And then, a few minutes later, it arrived. A new Long Black, its aroma rich and inviting. The first sip was pure coffee bliss – smooth, complex, and exactly what I craved. Not only did they replace my drink, but they also remade our Mochaccino to ensure everyone at the table got to experience coffee done right.

This coffee experience, beyond the initial hiccup, became a highlight of my visit. It showcased Bistro Fifty Five’s commitment to quality, transparency, and customer satisfaction. They didn’t just fix the problem; they turned it into a coffee epiphany, proving that even a hiccup can lead to a deeper appreciation for a well-brewed cup.

And then came the food. Beautifully presented, each dish was a feast for the eyes and the palate. The Scotch egg (NZ$22.00), my personal highlight, was a masterpiece. The minced meat coating, a symphony of juicy flavour, encased a perfectly runny egg, delivering a textural adventure in every bite.

The Eggs Benedict (NZ$23.50), meanwhile, was a textbook rendition – a symphony of silky Hollandaise, perfectly poached eggs, and crisp rosti. Every dish sang its own melody, harmonizing beautifully on the plate.

For those seeking a touch of adventure, the Chicken Waffles (NZ$25.00) offered a unique counterpoint. The sweet, fluffy waffles contrasted delightfully with the savory crunch of fried chicken, while the spicy kick of chili caramel added a surprising twist. It was a playful melody on the palate, leaving me wanting more.

And for those who prefer a simpler melody, the Caesar Salad (NZ$22.00) provided a classic, well-executed rendition. Crisp romaine, salty bacon, and tangy anchovies harmonized beautifully with the Parmesan’s creamy counterpoint; a familiar tune sung with fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Of course, no culinary symphony is complete without a satisfying finale. The Korean Fried Chicken (NZ$22.00), seasoned with the fiery grace of gochujang, delivered a satisfying crunch and a touch of heat that lingered pleasantly on the tongue. It was a bold statement, a perfect exclamation point to our delightful musical journey.

Bistro Fifty-Five is more than just a meal; it’s an experience. It’s a hidden gem where meticulous attention to detail meets genuine hospitality. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely brunch or a stylish lunch, this cafe delivers on every level. So, step through the unassuming door and discover the vibrant world that awaits – you won’t be disappointed.

So, step through the unassuming door of Bistro Fifty-Five and discover the vibrant world that awaits. You’ll find not just delicious food and chic vibes, but also a team passionate about delivering the perfect experience, right down to the last drop of coffee.

Address: 55 Corinthian Drive, Albany, Auckland 0632, New Zealand
Phone: +649 414 5155


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  1. Eha Carr says:

    What a poetic tale of my sipping preference also! I have not been in Auckland for years . . .perchance one should find the nearest plane your list of recommendations in hand . . . 🙂 !

  2. Hannah says:

    Now that’s what I’d call upscale indulgence! Can’t beat that menu; I’m seriously craving a solid brunch now.

  3. Wow! Now that’s impressive service. I really appreciate that the manager approached you with genuine concern rather than annoyance. And to clean the machine right away? Excellent!

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