Ghost Street (Auckland CBD, New Zealand)

Ghost Street: Spice up your Britomart visit with fiery Sichuan flavours, hidden in a subterranean wonderland. Secret’s out! Found a hidden gem in Britomart called Ghost Street Spicy Sichuan feasts, medieval vibes & service that shinesDon’t miss this culinary adventure! #GhostStreetAuckland #UnveilTheSpice

Britomart, Auckland’s bustling CBD hub, always held an air of mystery for me. So, when we stumbled upon Ghost Street, tucked away in its subterranean depths, it felt like unearthing a hidden gem. Stepping past the incense-kissed entry was like entering another world, a dimly lit labyrinth of bamboo curtains and earthy stoneware beckoning me in.

The ambiance was captivating. Medieval accents danced with modern touches, creating a space that felt both ancient and contemporary. But the real magic unfolded on the plates. We embarked on a Sichuan culinary adventure, guided by an attentive and humorous waiter who treated us like royalty.

Our taste buds ignited with the Xi’an style lamb ribs (NZ$31.00) – a fiery tango of cumin, chili, and sesame, each bite a tender explosion of savory goodness.

The stir-fried mala chicken thigh (NZ$36.00) followed, a symphony of fragrant garlic shoots, fiery Sichuan peppercorns, and a symphony of textures that kept us enthralled.

No Sichuan odyssey is complete without seafood, and Ghost Street’s steamed white Australian tiger prawns (NZ$44.00) didn’t disappoint. Glass noodles and fried garlic provided a comforting bed for the succulent crustaceans, their sweet soy glaze a delicate counterpoint to the spice.

Even the humble eggplant found its moment of glory, transformed into a chilled masterpiece (NZ$20.50) with ginger, soy, and black vinegar – a testament to the kitchen’s ability to elevate simplicity.

While some might find the portion sizes a tad bit smaller, the quality and intensity of flavours more than compensated. Our Cha Siu pork (NZ$40.00) glistened under a honey-black vinegar glaze, each melt-in-your-mouth bite a testament to culinary craftsmanship.

The Far Eastern Pilsner (NZ$12.50) and Yuzu Craft Cider (NZ$12.00) provided just the right amount of refreshment to navigate the fiery terrain.

Ghost Street might be hidden, but it shouldn’t remain a secret. It’s an experience that lingers long after the last bite, a testament to the transformative power of spice, atmosphere, and impeccable service. If you crave a culinary adventure that pushes your taste buds, a place where the past and present dance in tantalizing harmony, then descend into the depths of Britomart and let Ghost Street cast its spell upon you.

Ghost Street
Address: Basement level, Tuawhiti Lane, 27 Galway Street, Britomart, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
Phone: +649 306 2233


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