Paolo Cafe (Milford, North Shore City, New Zealand)

Milford brunch scene just got hotter! Paolo Cafe delivers fresh, creative dishes & warm service in a buzzing atmosphere. Don’t miss the creamy mushrooms!  Brunch alert! Found my new fave spot in Milford: Paolo Cafe Creamy mushrooms to die for, killer coffee, & vibes on point! Don’t sleep on this hidden gem #PaoloCafeLove #MustTryBrunch #MilfordFoodie

Let’s be honest, navigating the Milford brunch scene can be like wading through a sea of avocado toast and overly sweet lattes. But nestled amongst the familiar sights, Paolo Cafe emerged as a hidden gem, a radiant beacon of culinary creativity and exceptional service. Our first visit, initially intended for a quick bite, transformed into a delicious revelation that had me singing their praises long after the last crumb was devoured.

From the moment you step inside, Paolo Cafe envelops you in a warm, inviting atmosphere. The aroma of freshly baked pastries hangs in the air, mingling with the cheerful murmurs of fellow diners. The friendly staff, as bright and welcoming as the morning sun, greet you with genuine smiles and attentive service.

But the true stars of the show are undoubtedly the dishes themselves. While the cabinet food, overflowing with delectable treats, was undoubtedly tempting, we ventured into the depths of the menu, and oh boy, were we glad we did!

For starters, the Smoked Chicken & Brie Foldover (NZ$7.90) was a symphony of textures and flavours. Soft glazed pastry embraced creamy brie and tender smoked chicken, each bite a delightful explosion of savory goodness.

This pocket of perfection set the stage for the main event, where the Creamy Mushrooms (NZ$23.00) stole the show. Imagine a chorus of plump, flavourful wild mushrooms dancing on a bed of toasted sourdough, their earthy notes harmonizing with the crispy kale and sweet kumara crisps. Each spoonful was a velvety dream, drizzled with the golden nectar of truffle oil and dusted with parmesan, a masterpiece in every sense.

Our last dish offered equally tantalizing glimpses – the vibrant Avocado on Toast (NZ$21.00) drizzled with vibrant tomatoes and a perfectly poached egg, and the aroma of coffee wafting from nearby tables promised a caffeine-fueled adventure. We opted for a Long Black (NZ$4.30), a Mochaccino (NZ$5.00) and Yuzu Iced Tea (NZ$6.50), both hot drinks were smooth, and everything was satisfying, the perfect companions to our culinary journey.

Paolo Cafe isn’t just about the food, though. It’s about the experience. The attentive staff ensures every need is met, and the vibrant atmosphere hums with a quiet energy that feels both cozy and chic. Sure, it can get a bit lively during peak hours, but even the slightest hint of bustle feels almost charming in this haven of deliciousness.

Here’s the thing: Paolo Cafe isn’t just another good cafe. It’s a Milford gem, a place where quality ingredients meet culinary creativity, and the result is a symphony of flavours that will leave you wanting more. So, skip the usual suspects and delve into the warm embrace of Paolo Cafe. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you.

Paulo Cafe
Address: 10 Milford Road, Milford, Auckland 0620, New Zealand
Phone: 09 218 8136


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