9 Maranao Delights That Will Dazzle Your Taste Buds: A Mindanao Food Adventure!

Calling all foodies! Mindanao’s Maranao cuisine is a flavour fiesta from spicy Inaloban a Isda to golden Pakbol, get ready to tantalize your taste buds 9 must-try dishes await! #MaranaoFoodAdventure #Philippines #MindanaoEats Discover the vibrant flavours of Mindanao with 9 must-try Maranao dishes! From slow-cooked Riyandang to spicy Inaloban a Isda, embark on a culinary adventure you won’t forget.

Mindanao, the Philippines’ vibrant southern island, holds a wealth of culinary treasures. Among them, Maranao cuisine shines with its unique spice, rich coconut flavours, and hearty dishes that capture the essence of this captivating region. So, pack your appetite and join me on a mouthwatering journey as we explore 9 Maranao dishes you absolutely need to try!

Riyandang: Forget rendang you know, Maranao’s Riyandang is a slow-cooked symphony of beef, spices, coconut milk, and toasted coconut meat. Every bite is a tender embrace of savory depth, a true Mindanao masterpiece.

Chicken Pastil: Forget breakfast sandwiches, Mindanao has Pastil! Steamed rice cradles juicy shredded chicken in this flavourful feast, a perfect way to start your day with a Maranao twist.

Budi: Forget caviar, Maranao elevates fish eggs to culinary art with Budi. These bursts of briny goodness offer a unique taste of Maranao heritage and culinary ingenuity.

Piaparan 1

Piaparan: Chicken gets dressed for a coconut milk fiesta in Piaparan. Ginger, turmeric, chilies, and vegetables join the party, creating a dish that bursts with bold flavours and textures.

Pakbol: Cassava and plantains tango in Pakbol, a crispy, golden masterpiece. Grated cassava coats sweet plantains, creating a textural treat that’s impossible to resist.

Biyaki 1

Biyaki: Banana leaves whisper sweet secrets of Biyaki, a cassava and coconut milk kakanin. Steamed to perfection, each bite brings a delightful blend of sweetness and tropical charm.

Inaloban a Isda 1

Inaloban a Isda: Grilled tilapia takes a spicy dip in Inaloban a Isda. Coconut gravy swims with ginger, chilies, and a special local onion, making this dish a fiery, flavourful ode to Maranao seafood.


Kuning: Turmeric paints rice fields of gold in Kuning. Maranao’s staple comes alive with fragrant lemongrass, bay leaves, and a symphony of spices, ensuring every meal is a vibrant celebration.

Palapa: No Maranao feast is complete without Palapa. This ginger-fueled condiment, with its fragrant coconut, onion, and sakurab (local shallot) magic, adds a spicy kick to every dish, leaving you wanting more.

So, embark on your own Maranao food adventure! Dive into Riyandang’s richness, savour the comfort of Pastil, and let the vibrant flavours of Piaparan, Biyaki, and Inaloban a Isda dance on your palate. Kuning will nourish your soul, Budi will tempt your curiosity, Pakbol will delight your senses, and Palapa will keep you coming back for more. Prepare to be amazed – Mindanao’s Maranao cuisine awaits!


8 Responses

  1. Have never heard of this Maranao cuisine..chicken with coconut does look very good to me.

  2. Eva Taylor says:

    Wow, Raymond! These dishes are making my eyes bulge! Unfortunately, I’d have to pass on the super spicy ones but I’ll give the rest a go!

  3. Velva says:

    OMG! This looks absolutely delicious! I would devour these delicious dishes. Thank you for sharing these beautiful ethnic dishes with us.


  4. Eha Carr says:

    Thanks to you have started a special Filipino file of recipes I absolutely ‘have to try’ ! More than a few from here will be added . . . love the grilled fish with the coconut spicy sauce!!!

  5. I didn’t know much about Mindanao cuisine, so this was a great post to learn something new! The Chicken Pastil sounds delicious, so I might need to start there!

  6. As always, these all sound so good. I love the folding of the banana leaf in the Chicken Pastil — such a beautiful presentation.

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