Henrietta (Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia)

Craving smoky, succulent perfection? Henrietta in Surry Hills serves up Sydney’s best charcoal chicken (hands down!), paired with fresh sides & killer garlic sauce. Don’t miss the fries! Surry Hills just got even hotter! Henrietta’s charcoal chicken is next-level good – crispy skin, juicy meat, & garlic sauce to die for. Pair it with fluffy pita, tangy pickles, & those sumac fries! #HenriettaLove #CharcoalChickenObsessed

Surry Hills, with its buzzing streets and cool vibes, isn’t short on culinary gems. But on a sunny Saturday, nestled amidst this urban tapestry, I stumbled upon a true winner: Henrietta. This gem boasts contemporary Lebanese cuisine but make no mistake – the undisputed star is the charcoal chicken.

Now, I’m no stranger to good grilled poultry. Growing up in the Philippines, Lechon Manok holds a special place in my heart. And in my travels, I’ve chased that smoky, succulent perfection across continents. So, when I say Henrietta’s charcoal chicken is the best I’ve had in Sydney, you bet I mean it.

From the moment we settled in, Henrietta’s charm unfolded. Friendly staff, eager to guide us through the menu, replaced the bustling street noise with a warm, welcoming atmosphere. We browsed with excitement, tempted by every dish the charcoal-kissed pages showcased. But our hearts, united by that familiar hunger for Lechon-esque glory, settled on the Half Chicken Meal (AU$32.00).

And what a glorious arrival it was. The chicken, a masterpiece of smoky artistry, gleamed with a golden-brown tan, flecked with inviting char. Tenderness oozed from beneath the crispy skin, and the first bite was an explosion of smoky, savory bliss. Toum, the creamy garlic sauce, added a rich counterpoint, while the tangy pickles and fluffy Lebanese bread served as the perfect textural companions.

But Henrietta’s magic extends beyond its stellar poultry. The Pearl Couscous was a revelation – fluffy grains studded with roasted beetroot and sweet potato, a symphony of textures and flavours enhanced by the creamy yoghurt and herbaceous notes. The Lamb Kofta Wrap (AU$25.00) was another winner – juicy, flavourful kofta nestled in a warm wrap with harissa, sumac onion, and crispy fries.

Everything, from the chicken’s crackling skin to the last crunch of the sumac-seasoned fries, was a testament to Henrietta’s dedication to quality. It’s a casual eatery, yes, but the food sings with sophistication, each element carefully composed to create a harmonious dining experience.

Henrietta isn’t just about satisfying cravings; it’s about capturing that nostalgic ember of charcoal-grilled perfection, elevating it with fresh, flavourful twists. It’s a love letter to Lebanese cuisine, written in bold, smoky script, and sung with every juicy bite. So next time you’re in Surry Hills, skip the usual suspects and head to Henrietta. Your taste buds (and inner Lechon Manok lover) will thank you.

Henrietta Surry Hills
Address: Shop 1/500 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia
Phone: +61 2 9380 7247
Website: https://www.henriettachicken.com/


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  1. The chicken quarters do look very good!

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