Bulletproof Coffee

Coffee meets creamy fats! Bulletproof your mornings with grass-fed butter & coffee for sustained energy & brainpower. Ditch the sugar crash! This creamy coffee masterpiece (hint: it’s not a latte) keeps me fuelled & focused all day. #BulletproofLife #EnergyUpgrade ☕️

Seven years ago, in a Gold Coast work function, a colleague offered me a strange concoction: coffee. With butter. Intrigued, I took a sip and my morning world shifted. This wasn’t the sugary latte haze I knew; it was a smooth, energy-infused revelation. My journey into Bulletproof Coffee had begun.

Back then, the term was whispered like a secret code among biohackers and keto aficionados. Now, it’s everywhere, a trendy alternative to sugar-laden lattes and crash-inducing energy drinks. But what exactly is this potent potion?

Bulletproof Coffee, at its core, is a symphony of high-quality coffee and healthy fats. Forget those store-bought versions pumped with MCT oil. My preferred recipe is minimalist: a bold cup of joe, creamy grass-fed butter, and sometimes a touch of coconut or palm oil for added richness. This simple blend unlocks a surprising array of benefits.

Gone are the jitters and afternoon slumps. Bulletproof Coffee fuels sustained energy, keeping me sharp and focused through the day. The fats work their magic, curbing cravings and keeping me happily satiated. It’s my morning ritual, my keto breakfast in a mug, a delicious shortcut to feeling unstoppable.

But, like any powerful tool, Bulletproof Coffee isn’t for everyone. Consult your doctor if health concerns lurk, and remember, it’s just one piece of your wellness puzzle. Fill your plate with whole foods, move your body with joy, and let Bulletproof Coffee be the delicious sidekick on your road to well-being.

So, are you ready to ditch the sugar bombs and embrace the power of butter? Join the Bulletproof revolution, one creamy cup at a time. Trust me, your taste buds (and brain cells) will thank you.

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Bulletproof Coffee

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  • Author: Raymund
  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Total Time: 5 mins
  • Yield: 1 1x
  • Category: Drink
  • Cuisine: American


Coffee meets creamy fats! Bulletproof your mornings with grass-fed butter & coffee for sustained energy & brainpower.



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  1. Brew 1 cup of coffee
  2. Add butter and MCT oil (if using) while its hot.
  3. If you want a creamy look, you can blend together the coffee, butter and MCT oil (if using) for 20 seconds until it looks like a creamy latte. Enjoy!


I am not a fan of coffee with milk or any creamer, so I opted for a non-blended one.


4 Responses

  1. Eha Carr says:

    Would you believe this is a total newbie’ to me! I love a good mug of coffee – have a few a day – black, moderately strong, no sugar or sweetener . . . and do not eat butter 🙂 ! I have never experienced ‘jitters and if I have an afternoon slump it is because of a number of hours of non-stop work! I go for a walk or exercise or listen to some classical music awhile. Love your post but, but, but . . .

  2. This is a really fascinating read, as I have never even tried coffee… but I’m so intrigued by the addition of butter and possibly palm oil, and the effects they have.

  3. I prefer butter :-)) It’s very popular among keto followers, who enjoy coffee.

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