Korean Snack Odyssey: A Delicious Journey Beyond the Souvenirs

This blog post reviews a variety of Korean snacks, from sweet biscuits and savory noodles to spicy ramen and unique treats. Discover new flavours and experience Korean food culture from afar! Snack attack, Korean style! 🇰🇷 Daughter’s back with a suitcase full of deliciousness, and we’re snacking our way through different flavours, textures, and cultural adventures. Any favourites you see here? Tell us in the comments! #KoreanSnacks #FoodieFamily #SnackOdyssey

My daughter just returned from her Korean adventure, and she didn’t just bring back stories – she brought back a whole suitcase full of deliciousness! I challenged her with a New Zealand $100 budget for Korean snacks, and she managed to snag a treasure trove of sweet, savory, and spicy treats for just around NZ$70. Let me tell you, her choices were spot-on!

Here are the souvenirs:

Sweet Delights:

Nissin Crisp Choco & Choco Strawberry: Crispy wafers layered with creamy chocolate – who can resist that classic? We also dug into the strawberry version, a fun twist on the original.
Lotte Peppero: These iconic pretzel sticks came in three exciting flavours: White Chocolate (sophisticated elegance), Haenam Green Tea (a refreshing surprise), and Crunky (an explosion of texture).
Haitai French Pie Apple: Imagine flaky pastry filled with warm, cinnamon-spiced apples – pure comfort food bliss!
Orion Moist & Chewy Cake: This soft, cake-like treat had a subtle sweetness and a melt-in-your-mouth texture. Perfect for satisfying those afternoon cravings.
LOTTE Lip Pie Premium Dessert Pastry Choco: These miniature pies, with their flaky crust and decadent chocolate filling, were like little bites of heaven.

Savory Adventures:

Nongshim Sali Gomtang: This seaweed soup was surprisingly light and flavourful, a perfect pick-me-up on a chilly day.
Nongshim Fried Udon Big Bowl Noodles: A quick and satisfying meal in a cup, packed with chewy noodles and savory sauce.
Nongshim Sacheon Baek (Jjamppong Bowl Sichuan White Jjamppong): We weren’t sure what to expect from this white jjamppong, but the spicy seafood broth and chewy noodles delivered a delicious punch.
Samyang Four Cheese Buldak Ramen: These fiery noodles, covered in melted cheese and boasting four different cheese varieties, were a challenge for spice-fiends!
Nongshim Shrimp Soup Big Bowl: Another comforting soup, featuring a rich shrimp broth and plump noodles. Yum!

Snacktastic Surprises:

DELIGHT PROJECT Fresh Strawberry Chip: Crisp potato chips sprinkled with freeze-dried strawberries – a sweet and salty combo that was impossible to put down.
Jeonghwa Squid & YouUs Dried Peanut Squid: Chewy, savory squid snacks – perfect for a little protein boost between meals.
Win2 Potato Crisp Crackers Sweet Corn Flavour: These light and crunchy crackers hit the spot with their subtle sweetness.
Orion Lychee Flavour Jelly & Orion Plum Flavour Jelly: Fruity and refreshing, these jellies were a delightful way to end a meal.
Kkumi Injeolmi Choco Ball: Chewy rice cake covered in chocolate – a unique and tasty treat that combined Korean tradition with a Western twist.

Chocolatey Delights:

Lotte Crunky Bar Cookie & Cream: Crunchy bites with creamy cookie and cream filling? Yes, please!


Nostalgic Favourites:

Ace Food Nostalgic Jjondegi: I don’t really know what this is, but they said it’s a taste of Korean childhood, it tastes like seafood but can’t distinguish what it is.
Chung Woo Assorted Gangjeong: Crisp and bubbly rice cakes cloaked in sweet honey and vibrant toppings, a Korean treat that bursts with joy!

Granola Goodness:

ORION Tok Ping Almond & Granola: Crunchy bar of granola, studded with almonds and honey – perfect for a healthy snack.

Sweet & Savory Surprises:

HAITAI Osatsu Snack: Sweet potato puffs that melt in your mouth – a unique and delicious treat.
HBAF Honey Butter Puffed Corn: Light and airy puffed corn dusted with that iconic Korean honey butter flavour.
Korean Orion New Four Layers Turtle Chip Corn Soup Flavour: Sounds crazy, tastes amazing! Layered chips with a savory corn soup flavour.

Classic Flavors, Korean Style:

YouUs Dukki Cheese Tteokbokki Snack: Tteokbokki style crispy snack coated in spicy and cheesy sauce – a taste of Korean street food, right at home.
Orion Poka Chip Onion: Classic potato chips with a uniquely Korean onion kick.
Orion Real Sweet Potato Chips: Crispy and sweet, these chips showcases the deliciousness of Korean sweet potatoes.

Almonds with a Twist:

HBAF Korean Seasoned Almonds Variety: From wasabi and garlic bread to tiramisu and black sugar milk tea, these almonds offer a flavour explosion for every palate.

Extra Treat:

Bonus Black Pink Oreo: Need I say more? A limited-edition treat for BLINKs and Oreo lovers alike!

These are just a few gems from the Korean snack treasure trove. So, ditch the ordinary and dive into the exciting world of Korean flavours!

Beyond the Snacks:

This wasn’t just a snack haul; it was a journey through flavour, texture, and cultural experience. My daughter shared stories of bustling markets, friendly vendors, and the rich culinary traditions of Korea. And through every bite of these snacks, we felt a little closer to that vibrant world.

So, thank you, Rae, for this delicious souvenir! This Korean snack odyssey was truly unforgettable.


6 Responses

  1. Eha Carr says:

    You must be at peace having Rae home safe and sound after what sounded like a wonderful journey! Shall leave a proper inspection of the ‘haul’ until the morning but I simply do not believe the NZ customs allowed all this in – I can see all is professionally packed but I honestly do not think she would have been as fortunate in Australia ???

  2. Eha Carr says:

    Sunday morning – have taken a while to look at these more carefully and feel I am in a totally new world since, never in my lifetime, have I seen such availability of obviously ‘popular’ ‘food’!!! I am ware some people here eat ‘non-food’ like chips and crackers and unhealthy sweet ‘bars, but, but 🙂 !!! Yes, I may have a banana or handful of blueberries twixt meals or serve a cup of coffee with cognac or a glass of wine with olives when friends drop in . . . surely the rest is partaken sitting down enjoyably three or four times a day consuming a healthy inviting meal:) ? Horses for courses I guess !!!

  3. Hannah says:

    Korean snacks are absolutely elite! We need more access to these treats overseas. I know TONS of people that would go wild for them, because good food is universal, after all.

  4. What a fun surprise to bring home! We’ve always been fascinated with candy and treats from other countries. Those Crunky Lotte Peppero sound different! Sometimes we discover things we love, and sometimes we discover things we don’t like at all…but that’s the fun part of it all!

  5. Helen says:

    Came across a lot of Korean goodies and snacks at the Ranch99 in Sacramento, CA. We specially loved the shrimp chips

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