Yo-Chi Frozen Yoghurt (Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia)

Discover Yo-Chi Frozen Yoghurt in Surry Hills—Morning serenity, customizable delights, and a burst of flavours. Cool, sweet indulgence awaits. Morning magic at Yo-Chi Frozen Yoghurt—where yogurt dreams come true. 🍦✨ #YoChiSydney #FrozenYogurtMagic

In the heart of Surry Hills, our unexpected rendezvous with Yo-Chi Frozen Yoghurt transformed an ordinary evening into a delightful escapade. Lured by the evening queues, we decided on a strategic morning return to sidestep the bustling crowds. At precisely 11 AM, we stepped into a haven of frozen delights, void of the nighttime hustle and bustle.

Upon entering, Yo-Chi unveiled its impressive array of yogurt flavours, ranging from classic vanilla to the adventurous matcha green tea. The self-serve setup beckoned us to craft our dessert masterpiece, featuring an array of toppings such as fruits, nuts, lollies, chocolates, and delectable sauces like the irresistible Biscoff. The pay-by-weight system encouraged moderation, so be sure to limit your toppings otherwise it will be denting your wallets.

The yogurt, both creamy and delicious, provided the perfect canvas for a burst of flavours from the fresh fruit toppings. The staff, consistently helpful and friendly, enhanced our overall positive experience. While the evening scene buzzed with activity, a morning visit gifted us a serene commencement to the day.

The indulgence extended beyond yogurt; the cones, too, were a revelation. As regular patrons, the diverse yogurt, and topping flavours, coupled with healthier options, compelled us to make frequent returns. Personal favourites included the salted butterscotch, chocolate, and mango—each bite a journey through a symphony of tastes.

Despite occasional lengthy queues, the wait underscored Yo-Chi’s enduring popularity. The ambiance, reminiscent of a lively night club, catered to students and yogurt enthusiasts alike. The pay-by-weight system offered flexibility in portion control, while free tastings provided a thoughtful touch for those undecided on their preferred combination.

Yo-Chi Frozen Yoghurt, with its steadfast commitment to quality, variety, and a vibrant atmosphere, remains a preferred haven for those in pursuit of a cool, sweet retreat in the heart of Surry Hills.

Address: 435 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia
Phone: +61 2 9319 7525
Website: https://yochi.com.au/


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  1. Looks quite creamy and tempting!

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