Lode Pies and Pastries (Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia)

Discover pastry perfection at Lode Pies and Pastries, Surry Hills. Flaky crusts, premium ingredients, and unmatched flavours. A culinary haven in Sydney. Dive into pastry paradise at Lode Pies and Pastries, where each bite is a symphony of flavours. 🥧✨ #LodePastries #SydneyEats

Indulging in the Culinary Artistry of Lode Pies and Pastries in Surry Hills. On our recent escapade to Sydney, we stumbled upon the acclaimed Lode Pies and Pastries, an artisan pastry shop that left an indelible mark on our taste buds. Despite the early hour, a line snaked out the door, a testament to the establishment’s well-deserved reputation. Even during my mid-afternoon visit, post-lunch, the buzz persisted, reinforcing the anticipation of a remarkable gastronomic experience.

As I stepped inside, the display of pastries in a museum-style cabinet hinted at the culinary delights that awaited. The Wagyu and Mushroom Pie, though slightly on the pricey side at AU$13.00, proved to be a masterpiece. The juicy Wagyu shin pieces, slow cooked to perfection, nestled in the flakiest buttery pastry, showcasing meticulous lamination. The layers were not only visible but also crisply delicious, elevating the pie to a league of its own.

Our journey through Lode’s offerings continued with the Passionfruit Custard tart (AU$9.50), a symphony of crispy, buttery pastry enveloping a perfectly balanced custard—tart and sweet in harmony. The friendly service only added to the overall delightful experience.

Observing fellow patrons, it became evident that the Pithivier and Pistachio Delight (AU$12.00) were popular choices. While we opted for the pistachio croissant, the pithivier is on my radar for the next visit. The pistachio croissant, rich with pistachio and pistachio cream, exhibited a texture that allowed the layers to be savoured with each bite.

The Plain Croissant (AU$6.50) further showcased Lode’s mastery, delivering a flaky, buttery delight. Although the prices align with the premium quality, the limited seating adds to the exclusivity. We managed to secure a table on the footpath, savouring the pie and taking the croissants home for extended enjoyment.

In summary, Lode Pies and Pastries stands as a paragon of pastry perfection in Sydney. The unmatched buttery and flaky pastry, the impeccably crispy crust, and the choice ingredients make it a haven for connoisseurs. The pastries, coupled with stellar coffee and amiable staff, ensure a return visit whenever Surry Hills beckons.

Lode Pies & Pastries Surry Hills
Address: 487 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia
Website: https://www.lodepies.com/


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  1. Gosh, they look so flaky and darn good!

  2. sherry says:

    oh yum i love pistachios! and custard tarts. merry christmas to you!

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