Thunderbird Cafe (Wellington CBD, New Zealand)

Wellington, a city known for its vibrant food scene, greeted me with open arms on a short business trip. While the lunch and dinner options were abundant and satisfying, I found myself on a quest for an equally delightful breakfast experience. As a habitual early riser, I prefer to explore unique breakfast spots rather than settling for the standard hotel breakfast fare, which usually consists of the usual suspects – bacon, eggs, cheese, and bread.

In the heart of Wellington’s CBD, where the restaurants that dazzle at night often slumber in the early morning, my breakfast hour was set at 7:00 AM. Despite the limited options for an early morning feast, I was determined to unearth a hidden gem. That’s when I stumbled upon Thunderbird Cafe, a place that promised to add a twist to my usual morning routine.

The first impression wasn’t exactly modern and chic. The decor and interior appeared slightly outdated, begging for a makeover to match the vibrant character of the place. However, what it lacked in contemporary aesthetics, it compensated for with a dash of funkiness, quirkiness, and a riot of colours that infused an unmistakable vibrancy. It was as if the cafe wore its personality on its sleeves, and it was infectious.

Despite its American-sounding name, Thunderbird Cafe took me by surprise with its Tex-Mex offerings. Even the decor embraced a Mexican theme, seamlessly blending American flair with South-of-the-Border charm. It was this unique fusion that piqued my interest.

My breakfast choice was clear – the Breakfast Burrito (NZ$20.00) with an additional filling of Chorizo (NZ$3.50). This culinary creation featured free-range scrambled eggs, house-made Mexican beans, and cheese, all cocooned within a grilled flour tortilla. It arrived at the table accompanied by salsa de molcajete and achiote cream, promising a flavour-packed start to the day. Of course, no breakfast adventure is complete without my trusty Long Black Coffee.

The Breakfast Burrito didn’t disappoint. It arrived piping hot, bursting with freshness, and exuding an irresistible aroma. Each bite was a symphony of Flavors, with the scrambled eggs, Mexican beans, and cheese harmonizing beautifully within the tortilla. The salsa de molcajete and achiote cream added a zesty and creamy dimension to the dish, elevating it to a breakfast masterpiece.

The cafe itself offered a relaxed environment, and the service was as friendly as the decor was colourful. The coffee lived up to its New Zealand reputation, hitting the mark perfectly. It was a fitting companion to the star of the meal, the Breakfast Burrito.

As I savoured my meal, I couldn’t help but notice the generous portion size. The burrito was substantial, enough to satisfy even the heartiest of appetites and potentially shared by two. Thunderbird Cafe’s staff was courteous and provided excellent customer service, making the overall experience memorable.

With its fun and unique atmosphere, Thunderbird Cafe was a delightful find. Its proximity to the office had me already planning future lunch and dinner visits. I had heard whispers of live music, which added an intriguing layer to my curiosity. It seemed that this quirky Tex-Mex haven had more to offer than meets the eye, and I couldn’t wait to explore it further.

Thunderbird Cafe
Address: 154 Featherston Street, CBD, Wellington 6011, New Zealand
Phone: +644 499 1966


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  1. Is Mexican food really popular there? I am always surprised when I see Mexican restaurants in funny little corners of the world, like in Morocco. I was tempted to get something just to see what it was like!

  2. suituapui says:

    Don’t think I saw it when I was in Wellington some years ago. The burrito looks gorgeous!

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