The Bilo (Port Denarau, Fiji)

During our cruise stop in Port Denarau, Fiji, we decided to explore the local dining scene and stumbled upon The Bilo, a restaurant that seemed to promise a mix of flavours and experiences. After a morning spent enjoying a Coconut Demonstration excursion at Vuda Marina, we were ready for a satisfying lunch.

The menu at The Bilo offered a range of options, and we decided to try a variety of dishes to get a taste of what they had to offer. Here’s our culinary adventure at The Bilo:

Bilo Jumbo Beef Burger with Chips (FJD21.95): This hearty burger came with a beef patty, egg, cheese, and mayo, accompanied by a choice of salad or coleslaw. While it was labelled as “Jumbo,” we found it to be more of a regular-sized burger. It was decent but didn’t stand out as anything extraordinary. The chips served alongside were slightly undercooked and lacked that perfect crispness we crave.

Salt and Pepper Squid (FJD21.95): We opted for the squid dusted with cassava flour and lemon pepper, served with chips, salad, and tartar sauce. Unfortunately, the squid suffered the same fate as the chips – slightly undercooked and not as crisp as we’d hoped for.

Grilled Lobster (FJ$85.00): This was the star of our meal. We ordered the smallest lobster available that day as it was pricey, having said that what we got was a decently sized one, and it was served with grilled veggies and fries on a Mornay-style sauce. The half lobster we indulged in had a delightful flavour and was cooked to perfection. The grilled lobster, in particular, was a standout, making it the highlight of our dining experience.

The pace of service at The Bilo was a bit slow, but hey, we were on holiday, so a leisurely meal was perfectly fine. It seems like “Fiji time” shines here, where you embrace the island’s relaxed tempo.

The restaurant had an extensive selection of drinks, and the menu offered decently priced options. The atmosphere was lively, with enjoyable music playing in the background. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a free cultural show nearby, as The Bilo is conveniently located beside the middle part of the Port Denarau Shopping Centre.

We chose to dine inside, where the lighting was dim. The outside seating area was full, and we understood why – it provides shade from the scorching sun, especially during lunch hours. However, space, both inside and out, was limited.

In summary, The Bilo offers reasonable food at reasonable prices. Service could be improved, as you often need to seek assistance, but for a café compared to other nearby restaurants, the prices were fair. Our experience was a mixed bag – some dishes were good, especially the grilled lobster, while others were just average. The Bilo is worth a visit if you’re looking for a casual dining spot in Port Denarau but keep your expectations in check for a memorable culinary journey.

Bilo Bar: Cafe. Bar. Bistro
Address: Port Denarau Shopping Centre, Denarau Island, Fiji
Phone: +679 998 3950


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  1. suituapui says:

    My girl’s favourite, the fried squid. This looks like a seafood paradise.

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