The Waterfront at the Pacific Explorer

Dinner with a view – that’s what you can expect at The Waterfront, nestled on Deck 5 of the Pacific Explorer. While technically all the ship’s restaurants boast waterfront views, The Waterfront is the main dining area serving a la carte meals.

The restaurant offers a blend of modern cuisine, featuring a diverse menu of both classic dishes and contemporary delights. It’s not just for adults; they’ve got your kids covered too with a mini menu that changes daily, ensuring even the pickiest eaters find something to love. The Waterfront serves breakfast and dinner every day and lunch most days, making it a convenient dining option for passengers.

This restaurant is one of the included dining options in your fare, and while the menu may not be as extensive as The Pantry, it’s on par with what you’d find at a typical on-land restaurant. Considering you’re on a cruise liner, the selection might feel limited, especially during a 14-day journey. The menus cycle every three days, with two sets of options, so you can plan your dining experiences across Dragon Lady, Angelo’s, The Waterfront, and The Pantry to keep things fresh.

Negative reviews about The Waterfront might abound, but let’s be realistic; it’s a cruise ship restaurant, not a high-end land-based eatery with hefty prices. If you’re after gourmet dining, explore the paid restaurants on board; they offer a better variety. Still, for a cruise ship, The Waterfront offers a tolerable dining experience, and the food can have its hits and misses, much like other ship restaurants.

Rather than reviewing every dish, let’s highlight some standouts and a few that didn’t quite hit the mark. The Fish and Chips were delightful, with a crunchy batter and juicy fish. The Buffalo chicken impressed with its well-seasoned meat and finger-licking sauce. The Fish Tacos were flavourful and featured succulent fish. The pies were comforting, and the vegetarian spring rolls were delightful. Finally, the Rogan Josh brought the taste of India on board.

Not everything was a hit, though. The Caprese salad was marred by tiny quarters of mozzarella cheese instead of larger pieces, and it lacked basil leaves, replaced by pesto sauce. The calamari were undercooked, and the coating didn’t adhere well to the squid. The deep-fried baby octopus, while tasty, was overcooked and tough.

Beyond the food, The Waterfront offers an inviting ambiance, bright and cheery during lunch and warmly lit at night, creating a pleasant dining atmosphere. The service, however, is what truly stands out. Servers like Tusi, Pari, and Sam go above and beyond to make you feel special. They quickly attend to your needs, even adjusting timing if you have a show to catch. They make your dining experience memorable, sharing touching stories and bringing a personal touch that’s priceless.

Waterfront may not offer the best cuisine, but thanks to its exceptional crew, it’s a place where you’ll feel at home. They also serve breakfast, a menu similar to The Pantry but with added options for dietary requirements.

While it may look like an a la carte restaurant, don’t hesitate to order whatever you want, in whatever quantity you desire. The Waterfront is there to cater to your culinary wishes.


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