P&O Pacific Explorer Gully Tour

Ahoy, foodies! Set sail with us on a culinary adventure aboard the P&O Pacific Explorer. Our 14-day South Pacific cruise was a gastronomic journey like no other, with a stop at various exotic ports. But today, we’re not just talking about the fabulous restaurants we dined in; we’re taking you behind the scenes to a unique experience – the Gully Tour.

A Delicious Prelude

Our culinary journey began with a cooking demonstration on board. The talented chefs whipped up delectable dishes, including risotto and creme brulee – menu items we’d soon savour during our cruise. For seasoned chefs, it might have seemed basic, but the way it was presented made it truly enjoyable.

The cooking demonstration wasn’t just about food; it was a celebration of the crew’s dedication. These are the individuals who craft our meals, and their commitment ensures the exceptional quality of the food on board. We applauded them for their hard work and passion.

A Peek Behind the Culinary Curtain

Following the demonstration, it was time for the Gully Tour. While it wasn’t the bustling heart of the kitchen, it offered a captivating glimpse into the working environment of the chefs and kitchen staff. Safety was paramount, so we observed from a distance.

The gully was thoughtfully prepared for our viewing pleasure. Although we didn’t witness live culinary action, we got a firsthand look at the kitchen equipment and even had the bonus of viewing the recipes for the dishes they serve on board.

While it wasn’t the traditional gully tour with live cooking action, it was an eye-opening experience, especially for those who had never seen the inner workings of a cruise liner’s kitchen. This approach was likely intentional, as ensuring safety for all passengers is a top priority.

Our Pacific Explorer Gully Tour may not have been a Michelin-starred extravaganza, but it was an intriguing peek into the culinary magic happening behind the scenes. It’s a reminder that every meal we enjoy on board is the result of hard work, dedication, and a passion for creating unforgettable dining experiences at sea.


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  1. That’s a pretty fun experience!

  2. What a cool experience! It’s always fun to see the behind-the-scenes tour at restaurants and kitchens!

  3. Hannah says:

    Cruise food certainly has come a long way! It’s really exciting to see how creative the chefs are getting on board.

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