The Wafflers (Auckland CBD, New Zealand)

It was a night of indulgence, starting with delightful dumplings and culminating in a dessert escapade. The stars of the show were undoubtedly the Korean Croffles at The Wafflers, a name that had tantalized our taste buds for weeks. After a satisfying dinner at Wang Wang Pancake and a refreshing bubble tea session at Coco, we ventured into The Wafflers, our tummies already content but our curiosity insatiable.

Amidst the heart of Auckland’s CBD, The Wafflers promised an experience that was both novel and indulgent. Our journey into the world of Korean Croffles began with an explanation of the term itself – a fusion of croissants and waffles. The concept was intriguing, the execution even more so.

The promise of “freshness” was not an understatement. The Croffles were the embodiment of a culinary innovation, crafted from scratch, and designed to strike the perfect balance between buttery indulgence and delightful sweetness. We were presented with a range of choices, each showcasing a unique flavour profile.

As I bit into the first Croffle, I was met with layers of flavour and texture. The use of frozen waffle pastry, expertly cooked in a waffle maker, resulted in a creation that was soft yet crispy, fluffy yet bouncy. The butteriness from the croissant layers was unmistakable, a testament to the precision that goes into each creation.

The dilemma was real – choosing just one from the myriad of delectable options. Each Croffle beckoned with its own story of flavour, and the variety was both enticing and overwhelming. The service was impeccable, offering guidance in navigating this delectable maze.

I couldn’t resist opting for the Green Tea Korean Croffle and a new flavour, the Maltesers Chocolate Croffle. The Green Tea variant was an exquisite blend of earthy sweetness, while the Maltesers Chocolate Croffle was a harmony of decadence. Admittedly, my expectations were mildly dampened by the presentation of the Maltesers topping, yet that single bite swept all reservations away.

The experience was not just about the flavours. The store itself was a cozy haven, with an ambiance that resonated with the creations it offered. The waffles weren’t cloyingly sweet, a trait that made them all the more enjoyable.

Our exploration of Korean Croffles was a journey of flavours, textures, and culinary innovation. The Wafflers showcased an artful mastery that turned basic ingredients into an exquisite symphony of taste. Though a touch on the pricey side, the experience was worth every penny. As we left the store, the lingering taste of the Croffles and the aroma of the kitchen left an indelible mark, promising a return to this newfound treasure trove of flavours.

The Wafflers
Address: 12 O’Connell Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand


3 Responses

  1. Not something I would eat, but they do look very tempting!

  2. I’m not familiar with Korean waffles, but The Wafflers sounds like a great place to go for dessert! I’d be all over that Biscoff cookie flavor!

  3. suituapui says:

    We have a few places here with very nice waffles. I love the one at one place here served with strawberries and ice cream.

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