Constellation Cafe (Rosedale, North Shore City, New Zealand)

Recently, we had the pleasure of visiting Constellation Cafe in Rosedale, and we were eager to share our delightful experience with you. Nestled in a vibrant neighbourhood, this charming cafe offers a diverse menu that caught our attention. From creamy mushroom dishes to Korean-inspired delights, our taste buds were in for a treat. Join us as we recount our culinary journey and explore the highlights of our visit to Constellation Cafe.

One of the standout dishes we tried was the Creamy Mushroom (NZ$24.00) it featured fresh mushrooms, blue cheese, and a perfectly poached egg served on sourdough. While we thoroughly enjoyed the dish, we did notice that the mushrooms used seemed slightly less fresh compared to other places. This resulted in a darker sauce, which can occur when the inner bottom side of mushrooms ages, adding a deeper hue to the cream sauce. Nevertheless, the dish still delivered a nice, creamy mushroom flavour that we relished.

Next up was the Waffle & Korean Fried Chicken (NZ$24.00). This delightful dish showcased crispy fried chicken prepared in Korean style, generously coated with a house special sweet and spicy Korean sauce and served over waffles. We were delighted by the crunchy exterior and the juicy, flavourful chicken. The sweet and lightly spicy sauce added a delectable twist to the dish, though it was milder compared to traditional Korean Fried Chicken. While the waffle was good, we expected it to be softer in texture.

We couldn’t resist trying the Salt and Pepper Squid (NZ$17.00), served with chipotle aioli and salad. This dish impressed us with its simplicity and execution. The squid was perfectly cooked, boasting a satisfying crunch in its well-seasoned, crispy breading. Each bite provided a delightful contrast of textures, and the accompanying chipotle aioli added a delicious kick to the ensemble.

During our visit, we enjoyed a Long Black (NZ$4.50). While the beans used in the coffee had a slightly acidic profile with a hint of sourness, it remained enjoyable. We also tried the Specialty Iced Tea Peach (NZ$6.50). Refreshing and revitalizing, this drink offered a pleasant respite, and we wondered if it was house-made or sourced from a bottle.

Constellation Cafe boasts an intriguing menu, featuring dishes such as Mohinga, Amethar Nhut, Laphet Thoke (Tea Lead Salad), and Ginn Thoke (Ginger Salad). Although we did not try them on this visit, they piqued our interest and will certainly be on our list for future visits.

We noticed that the serving sizes at Constellation Cafe are slightly smaller compared to other cafes, but the flavours were well-seasoned and satisfying. The food arrived promptly, and the staff were friendly and accommodating, adding to the overall positive experience. The cafe itself is clean and exudes a bright and welcoming atmosphere, with ample indoor and outdoor seating options available. We look forward to returning during the summer months to take advantage of the outdoor seating.

Our visit to Constellation Cafe left us pleased and satisfied. With its smiling staff, reasonable prices, amazing food, and quick service, it proved to be a delightful culinary destination. While the cabinet food options were slightly pricey compared to surrounding cafes, the overall experience and quality of the dishes made it a worthwhile visit. We recommend keeping Constellation Cafe in mind for a memorable dining experience in Rosedale.

Constellation Cafe
Address: 61 Constellation Drive, Rosedale, Auckland 0632, New Zealand
Phone: +649 476 3344


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  1. The restaurant looks really nice…I like its interior design and food looks great too.

  2. It all sounds wonderful. Plus it’s nice and casual.

  3. suituapui says:

    Nice name, nice place.

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