Gleway Cafe (Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand)

During a rare day to ourselves, my wife and I decided to embark on a breakfast adventure at Gleway Cafe in Onehunga. This Kiwi-style Cafe caught our attention, offering an array of dishes to satisfy our taste buds. Join us as we delve into our experience and share our honest impressions of the food and ambiance.

Gleway Cafe’s interior exuded a cosy charm, though the limited natural light gave it a slightly dim ambiance. The menu, typical Kiwi favourites. With hunger in our bellies and curiosity in our hearts, we placed our orders and eagerly awaited the culinary journey that awaited us.

Opting for the Gleway Burger with Fries (NZ$16.90) and Beef Mince on Toast with 2 eggs (NZ$16.50), we hoped to discover flavours that would leave a lasting impression. To accompany our meal, we indulged in the robust Long Black (NZ$5.00) and the delightful Mochaccino (NZ$5.00).

As our plates arrived, we were greeted with both satisfaction and disappointment. The fries, perfectly cooked with a tantalizing crispness, brought joy to our palates. The coffee, crafted with expertise, elevated our dining experience. However, our excitement waned as we delved into the Beef Mince on Toast, which lacked the expected depth of flavour and left us yearning for more. The Gleway Burger, while claiming homemade patties, fell short of expectations, reminiscent of frozen alternatives available at the supermarket.

While the tired and worn-out atmosphere was evident, the staff greeted us with warmth and friendliness. Outdated kitchen utensils hinted at the cafe’s longstanding presence. However, the reasonable pricing of the dishes raised questions about the cafe’s popularity among the locals, leaving us pondering the reasons behind their choice.

Our visit to Gleway Cafe revealed a mixture of hits and misses. While the flavours failed to fully satisfy our taste buds, the friendly staff and affordable prices added a redeeming factor. Despite the shortcomings, the cafe continues to draw the curiosity of locals and visitors alike.

Our time at Gleway Cafe offered an opportunity to explore Onehunga Cafe scene, though not without its share of disappointments. As we left the cafe, we couldn’t help but reflect on the pleasant moments, friendly interactions, and the lingering questions surrounding its popularity. Gleway Cafe serves as a reminder that every dining experience, even one with mixed outcomes, adds to our culinary journey and the stories we share.

Gleway Cafe
Address: 212 Onehunga Mall, Onehunga, Auckland 1061, New Zealand
Phone: +649 634 7760


4 Responses

  1. The eggs look great. We hardly eat outside because both of us are picky eaters…and I simply don’t trust the restaurants’ hygiene and food quality. They cook everything in over processed seed/vegetable oil, which is toxic for human beings. I hate that they cook my steak with rape seed oil even though I said I wanted my steak cooked in ghee or tallow and butter.

  2. Hannah says:

    Bummer about the burger! At least the vegetables on top look nice and fresh.

  3. A bad burger is also a disappointment. But that coffee looks fantastic! And as you point out, at least you had some time away to yourselves – that alone is worth quite a bit!

  4. suituapui says:

    I like the prices – that burger is cheaper than the ones at our western or fusion cafes here. At the end of the day, they are just…burgers, nothing to get excited about.

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