Mama Rich (Greenlane, Auckland, New Zealand)

On a delightful afternoon, my wife and I decided to indulge in a leisurely lunch at Mama Rich (formerly known as Mamarich Cafe) after starting the day with a breakfast in a restaurant and a delightful shopping spree at DressSmart. As our daughter continues to transition into adulthood, these treasured moments spent together have become more frequent. However, there is a bittersweet feeling as she occasionally opts not to join us, and I find myself yearning for those precious times. This experience has served as a reminder for me to embrace and cherish the special moments shared with young children—those moments of cuddling and embarking on adventures—because as they grow older, they inevitably carve their own paths of independence. It’s a piece of advice I often share with friends and colleagues who have little ones of their own.

Alright, let’s shift our focus back to today’s review. This time, we had the pleasure of visiting a Malaysian restaurant that has caught our eye countless times, situated at the corner of Great South Road and Green Lane West. Mama Rich has finally received our patronage, and we were delighted to discover an extraordinary culinary experience with its authentic Malaysian cuisine. While we’ve ventured into several Malaysian establishments before, Mama Rich distinguishes itself with its comforting, unpretentious, and incredibly tasty offerings. The dishes were meticulously crafted, presented with elegance, and brimming with delectable flavours. Each bite left us craving for more, truly a remarkable dining experience.

The ambiance at Mama Rich is reminiscent of being in Malaysia. The laid-back atmosphere and friendly staff make you feel right at home. It’s a place where you can unwind, savour your meal, and enjoy the company of your loved ones. Cleanliness is a priority, ensuring a pleasant dining experience.

Finding parking can be a bit challenging, as the restaurant has limited spots. However, we discovered the convenient option of parking at nearby locations such as McDonald’s or Countdown and taking a short walk across the traffic light. It’s a small inconvenience that pales in comparison to the culinary delights that await.

Our taste buds were taken on a journey of flavours as we indulged in Mama Rich’s signature dishes. The Hainan Chicken Rice (NZ$21.50) was a standout with its succulent chicken thigh, fragrant ‘oily rice,’ and delightful chili sauce. The dish was packed with authentic flavours that transported us back to Malaysia. Although we missed the accompanying soup, the overall experience was truly satisfying.

Another highlight was the Bak Kut Teh (NZ$33.00), a legendary herbal soup dish filled with pork belly, pork ribs, mushrooms, tofu puffs, bean curd skin, lettuce, and garlic. The aromas wafting from the soup were captivating, and each spoonful offered a tantalizing blend of herbal goodness. This was my personal favourite at Mama Rich, its flavours were delightful, although not as intense as the ones I’ve savoured in Malaysia, particularly in Pork Klang. Nonetheless, it was satisfying. However, my only let-down was the portion size given the price of $33.00. We were served a small bowl containing merely three pieces of pork belly and one long rib section, falling short of my expectations.

To complement our meal, we opted for Soya Milk (NZ$6.00) and Wong Coconut Drink (NZ$5.00). The Soya Milk felt freshly made, and its smooth texture was a delight to savour. The Wong Coconut Drink offered a refreshing tropical taste, adding a touch of authenticity to our dining experience.

Our visit to Mama Rich was a cherished moment, filled with delectable Malaysian flavours and precious time spent together. The restaurant’s commitment to serving authentic dishes in a warm and inviting atmosphere made it an unforgettable experience. While a few minor expectations weren’t fully met, the overall quality of the food and service made Mama Rich a place worth revisiting. If you’re seeking genuine Malaysian cuisine, Mama Rich is a must-try culinary gem that will leave you craving for more.

Mama Kopitiam
Address: 205 Great South Road, Greenlane, Auckland 1051, New Zealand
Phone: +649 520 1350


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  1. Both hainan chicken and pork belly look droolworthy!

  2. suituapui says:

    Ooooo…looks good!!! Not the other half of the Malaysian Pappa Rich, I’m sure. LOL!!!

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