Asiatown by Thang Long (Konstanz, Germany)

Asiatown by Thang Long is a well-known Asian restaurant located in Konstanz, Germany, famous for its extensive buffet offering a diverse range of dishes from various Asian cuisines.

As soon as you enter the restaurant, you will be greeted by a bright and inviting dining area, decorated with vivid colors and a lively ambiance. The buffet is located in the center of the restaurant, and it offers a wide selection of hot and cold dishes, including both classic Asian favorites and modern variations on traditional recipes.

The options are abundant and you may want to try everything, but your stomach may not be able to handle it. The buffet is a good option, especially when you are looking for other food options in the surrounding areas at €14.9 for lunch buffet or €21.9 for dinner, the price is quite affordable.

The curries were noteworthy, both Thai and Indian, they were quite tasty and made with high-quality ingredients, the vegetables were fresh and meat was juicy. There were plenty of fried foods as well, and most of them were well-prepared and fried to perfection. The selection of carbs was decent, including fried rice and noodles, which were not overly flavorful, but this allows them to not overpower the other dishes you would pair with them, they were also cooked fresh.

The salad selection was average, as well as the appetizers and desserts. They also had sushi but it didn’t feel as fresh as compared to typical sushi restaurants, it’s a buffet so it’s expected, they were on display for an undetermined amount of time. The desserts were simple, comparable to store-bought ones, and the sweets looks like the one you get from a bulk store.

Finally, they also serve bubble tea, which is an interesting addition to buffets, the taste was good, but the boba balls felt like eating Gongcha boba after it was soaked in the bubble tea for a day, in other words, it was soggy.

Overall, Asiatown by Thang Long’s buffet offers something for everyone, with a wide variety of dishes to choose from, it felt like dining in at Valentine’s Buffet restaurant here in New Zealand. The restaurant counters were extremely clean, which is quite rare for a buffet restaurant. It has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, coupled with its delicious and diverse selection of food, making it a good stop for someone who is hungry but can’t decide what to eat in the Konstanz area.

Asiatown by Thang Long
Address: Bodanpl. 4, 78462 Konstanz, Germany
Phone: +49 7531 29832


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  1. Eha says:

    Having lived in the Black Forest area for a few years I know the Konstanz area well. I say with a smile this restaurant provides far too big a choice of probably very edible but rather Germanic choices of ‘eastern’ foods which little resemble the ‘real thing’ ! To each their own . . . I would rather visit a small Chinese ‘caf’ and get the real experience . . .

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