Bomba Paella at Furness Food Hut (Borough Market, London, United Kingdom)

When visiting Borough Market one of the things you will instantly notice is a large sign with Bomba Paella written on it followed by massive queue, in fact I think this was the longest line at the market. At first I thought the stall name was Bomba Paella but in fact it is one of the name of the dishes they offer alongside other food items such as Traditional Chu – Chi Chicken Curry, Salt & Pepper Chilli Squid, Venison Burger with Bacon, Jam & Cheese and Wild Boar Hot Dog, the stall that sell them is called Furness Food Hut.

After checking the stall, it impossible to resist those enormous paella pans filled with perfectly cooked Bomba paella rice simmered in a rich seafood stock with vibrant toppings of chicken and seafood. We are one of those who can’t withstand the aroma and sight, hence we grabbed some. It was savory and aromatic, with a slightly nutty taste from the rice and a hint of sweetness from the saffron. The chicken and seafood add a rich, savory flavour to the dish, while the vegetables add a burst of freshness, flavour, and texture.

Each serving was generously topped with seafood, chicken and a wedge of lemon and it tasted authentic, worth queueing for as it was a flavourful and satisfying dish that indeed satisfied our appetite. It is an absolute must try when you are in the vicinity.

Furness Food Hut
Address: London SE1 1TJ, United Kingdom

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