37 Egg Dishes for your go-to Midweek Meals

Eggs, it’s one of the easiest dishes to prepare, it’s also inexpensive, everyone has it on their pantry and its nutritious. Almost most of us have this for breakfast but there is no reason for you to have them all day as there are many recipes that uses egg as the main ingredient and you are not restricted only with boiled, poached or sunny side up, this simple ingredient can turn into nice meals and were here to share 36 Egg Dishes for your go-to Midweek Meals so you don’t have to think how you will prepare them. In this list I will separate it into sections, joining nearly similar recipes in their respective categories.

Egg and Rice

When combined with rice this simple ingredient will be your complete meal.

Egg Fried Rice – Uncle Roger will love this but you will have to abide by Asian rules on how to make them, you don’t want Uncle Roger to put down his leg from the chair.
Omurice – The Japanese perfected this Japanese style Omelette topped with rice.
Kanitama-don – This Japanese style omelette comes filled with crab meat and enoki mushrooms, and with a Don suffix this is always served on top of rice.


This method is made by frying the egg and stirring it when it starts to thicken, don’t be confused with Omelette, that one is after this section.

Creamy – The simplest way to enjoy eggs to its full potential, it may look easy, but the technique is what makes this thing stand out.
Smoked Salmon – If you want some additional protein then add some smoked salmon to your scrambled eggs.
Bagoong – Nothing creamy on this Pinoy style scrambled eggs but if umami is your thing, then this is your egg.
Mushroom and Truffle – Love mushrooms, then this earthy concoction is for you.
Oyster – A very popular hawker stall dish in Southeast Asian countries, made with fresh oysters cooked with diluted starch for added crunchy bits.
Black Fungus and Shrimps – Scrambled eggs at its finest, filled with vegetables, shrimp and black fungus.


The difference of this section from scrambled is that this beaten eggs are cooked without stirring.

Mushroom and Green Pepper – The most basic omelette served with cheese.
Thai Style Pork and Prawn – Meaty omelette with crisp bean sprouts and a spicy kick from chilli sauce.
Egg Foo Young – Another popular Asian takeaway dish filled with seafood then topped with gravy, Yum!
Tortang Dulong – Next on this list are Filipino style omelettes, starting with this omelette filled with tiny little fishes.
Tortang Okra – If you want vegetable in your omelette then try it with okra, promise the slime on this one is not noticeable.
Tortang Patatas – Potatoes and egg, yes please.
Tortang Talong – The ultimate Filipino Torta, made with grilled or boiled eggplants.

Boiled Eggs

Anything using boiled eggs will be in this section and yes there are many ways to prepare boiled eggs.


Kwek Kwek – A Filipino street food that is coated in a bright orange batter deep fried then served with vinegar, it is a good snacking egg.
Tokneneng – Another version of the Kwek Kwek but made with quail eggs.
Tea Eggs – Another snacking egg cooked in herbal tea giving it a nice, marbled effect.
Ramen Eggs – You don’t need ramen to enjoy this next one, you can eat it on its own. A simple egg dish which is known for its jelly yolk cooked exactly at 6½ minutes in a gentle boil.
Devilled Eggs – A really nice appetizer where yolks are mixed with more nice ingredients then piped back to the egg whites.
Scotch Eggs – It looks like a meatball but with eggs inside, one of the best boiled egg recipes out there.
Donya Aurora Eggs – Like a Scotch Egg but the other half is a meatball.


French tarts consisting of pastry crust filled with eggs mixed with milk then adorned with pieces of cheese, meat, seafood or vegetables, it’s a complete meal on its own.

Bacon and Broccoli – The good and the bad together in a nice savoury custard over a crunchy shell.
Tomato and Ham – It goes well with tomatoes and ham too.
Bacon and Leek – Soft leeks with crispy bacon in a creamy egg mixture, there’s nothing to dislike on this one.


All about the eggs served or mixed with any type of bread.

Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich – In the Philippines this is the ultimate baon (lunchbox meal), many young kids have this for school, it is also a common dish to bring on road trips and picnic.
French Toast – Eggs and Milk infused in a toast with sugar and cinnamon, this one is for the sweet tooth.
Bacon, Egg and Toast Cups – Put everything in a muffin pan, then bake and wait, definitely this is the easiest way to prepare breakfast.
Pressed Breakfast Burritos – Burritos with eggs, why not!


Yes! Eggs can be in desserts too and they yield amazing results.

Egg Tart – The Chinese, Macanese, Portuguese and people from Hong Kong have versions of this delicious tarts, they are popular in those countries, and I can understand why.
Egg Pie – Basically a larger version of the Egg Tarts and quite popular in Filipino Bakeries.
Brazo de Mercedes – It looks like an egg but it’s a cake, made mostly with eggs and no starch, a favourite dessert back in the Philippines


The rest of the egg dishes that I can’t put in any category above becuase they are special 😍

Chinese Tomato Egg Stir-fry – The go to quick and easy dish of the Chinese, a simple stir fry of eggs and tomatoes, it is tangy delicious.
Chinese Chive Pockets – A shortcut to the famous Chinese Chive Pastries, basically spring roll wrappers filled with scrambled eggs.
Roasted Eggplant Shakshuka – An Arabic dish of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, olive oil, peppers all you need is bread to dip in that wonderful yolk and sauce.
Three Eggs Polunchay – Three eggs in a dish, normal eggs, century eggs and salted duck eggs.

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  • What a GREAT collection of egg recipes! I think I am addict to eggs LOL...had 5 again today and of course with a pound of steak for my OMAD :-) Life is good.

  • Woah - now that's a great collection of egg recipes! I eat a scrambled egg every day for lunch, but this list will definitely add some inspiration so I don't get too tired of the same thing!

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