8 Amazing Alternatives to the Traditional Noche Buena Feast

Few more hours and its Christmas and for many Filipinos around the world it is a busy time right now as a lot are already preparing for their Noche Buena. I know for most they celebrate on the day of Christmas which is on the 25th but for Filipinos we start on the 24th. For many Pinoys Christmas Eve is basically a festival commemorating the birth of Jesus and if we are talking about birthdays, definitely there will be food involved, lots of them, which typically will be consumed after the midnight mass. This is what makes everyone busy as they prepare their specialty and heirloom dishes that night, like Lechon, Spaghetti, Pancit, Morcon, Embutido, Cripsy Pata, Kare Kare, Paella and Pinoy Barbecue to name some. Most of these are complicated or time consuming to make and it has been a tradition to many households but what if you can have alternatives to this, I know a lot will be tired of the usual so here’s a suggestion on what to try, some alternatives to the Traditional Noche Buena that gives the same wow results but with less effort.

What is a Boodle Fight? 2

Boodle Fight
Let’s start with an easy one, perhaps many are doing this already. Although it has the same effort in terms of preparation since most of the dishes usually served on Noche Buena also is served on Boodle fights, the clean-up is much easier since there are no utensils involved, all you need are your hands and banana leaf nothing to wash later just your hands.

Top 9 Communal Dining Ideas

How about doing barbecue with everyone, enjoy it outdoors and cook as you wish, what’s best with this you get your food freshly cooked, and you don’t need to cook everything you can finish. Put many options like pork, beef, chicken and seafood just gather everyone like a campfire barbecue style.

Pullman on the Park (Melbourne, Australia) 2

Build your Own Taco/Burger/Nacho
This is another creative way of celebrating Noche Buena, basically you will just need to provide your cooked ingredients, make it creative and lay it all on a table for everyone to add whatever they wish to add on their Taco, Burger and/or Nacho, less work right, just don’t judge people if they add strawberries on their burger or caramel on their Nacho.

Seafood Boil
Definitely one of the easiest one to prepare here, just put a whole bunch of shellfish like mussels, clams, crab, lobster and prawns then add some chorizo and corn, drizzle some Cajun Seasoning boil then throw it all in a big table. After that just enjoy the mess, the delicious food and the laughter.

Grazing Table
If you want a wow factor for your Noche Buena then prepare an amazing Grazing Table, you are only limited by your imagination. This can be expensive but no need for any utensils and dish washing. I am sure that this will embed a lasting impression to you, your family and whoever is invited that night.

Hot Pot
This is the perfect Noche Buena for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere where White Christmas is a thing, it certainly can warm you up while enjoying a communal celebration with your loved ones.

Gangnam Style Korean BBQ (North Shore City, New Zealand) 3

Korean Barbecue
Not a lover of soups but it is too cold outside to have some barbecues, well do it in doors. Like the Hot Pot no cooking necessary, all you need to serve are the ingredients and enjoy them with everyone on the table.

Chalet Suisse (Mendrisio, Switzerland) 4

For the cheese lovers out there, there is no doubt this is the Noche Buena for you. All you need are bread, apples, broccoli & cauliflower, potatoes, prawn or any cured meats, its light, its romantic, its cheesy, perfect for those who celebrate Noche Buena only with their other half.


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  1. Neil says:

    Lot’s of great ideas for an amazing Christmas feast there Raymund! I hope you have a great Christmas and New Year too!

  2. The holidays are all about grazing and enjoying delicious food with friends and family. All of these options sound like fantastic ways to enjoy the festive season. I’ll start with the fondue, please! Happy Holidays, my friend!

  3. Hannah says:

    Oh wow, now any of those spreads would be a reason for celebration alone!

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