18 Delicious Ways to Enjoy Cheap Spring Roll Wrappers

Everybody loves the Filipino lumpia (spring rolls), that is why this simple snack or side dish is ever becoming popular, sometimes even more popular than the Filipino Adobo in some places, hence you can see more Food Trucks offering this rather than the other Filipino viands. I guess it the fact that it can be easily consumed with one hand plus the nice crispy texture with a moist soft filling that makes it very desirable.

We all know that the lumpia is filled with pork or prawns, but it is not limited to those, in fact you can go crazy on this wrapper and put anything you can think of, only your imagination restricts you. A very versatile pastry and we will showcase you that in this collection 18 Delicious Ways to Enjoy Cheap Spring Roll Wrappers, from sweets to savoury fillings, we got it all covered.

Spring Rolls (Lumpiang Shanghai)
Let’s start with the Filipino classic, filled with pork and prawn sometimes with vegetables. This is what started the lumpia revolution.

Fish Lumpia
Yes, you can use any fish you want, even smoked ones are gaining popularity now.

Beef Lumpia
Usually, pork is used on lumpia, but you can definitely use beef as well.

Lumpiang Gulay
Another addicting creation and it has been a staple in many street food stalls in the Philippines, filled with vegetables then soaked in a spicy vinegar dip.

Dynamite Lumpia
The name says it all, it comes with a bang, made with green chillies filled with cream cheese.

9 Lumpia Fillings you need to Try
As mentioned, you can literally use any filling if you want, from cheeseburger to mochi.

A Visayan specialty, double coated with lumpia wrapper and cornstarch slurry for that ultimate crunch.

Yup it is filled with bananas the saba variety only then coated with caramelized brown sugar, it’s for the sweet tooth and a perfect pair with vanilla ice cream.

Copycat KC Turon
Also called the Halo Halo turon, it is filled with you guess what? The typical halo halo ingredients and it’s amazing.

Tikoy Turon
Tired of the usual preparation of Tikoy, then try this.

Valencia Triangulo
Another great mish mash of Filipino ingredients, pinipig, langka and bananas.

Binondo Style Fresh Lumpia
If you don’t want them crispy, this Filipino Chinese creation is loaded with goodness.

Easy Samosa
Spiced potatoes, onions and peas, it’s a mini dry curry vegetables in crispy outer shell.

Cheese Sticks
Another popular Filipino street food, it’s like deep fried mozzarella sticks but even better.

Prawn Twisters
If you love prawns, then this one is for you, just filled with prawns and a bit of seasoning, nothing else.

Chinese Chive Pockets
One of the most filling ones on this list of 18 Delicious Ways to Enjoy Cheap Spring Roll Wrappers, filled with scrambled eggs, a perfect breakfast on the go.

Cha Gio (Vietnamese Spring Rolls)
Not really made of the usual flour-based pastry, it’s made with rice and its crispier than its flour cousin.

Goi Cuon (Vietnamese Summer Rolls)
If the Cha Gio is the Yin, this is its Yang, made with rehydrated Rice paper, this is the lumpia for the health conscious.

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