Best Gastronomy in Canada! What to eat there?

Are you ready to travel to a country with gastronomy that might surprise you? Well, not many people know that Canada is a culinary destination and that you need to travel to its various destinations to taste a series of delicacies. Canada is not only about breathtaking landscapes but also a pleasure for the palate that shouldn’t be missed.

Incredible dishes to try during your trip

Here are some dishes that you can’t miss during your visit:

Peameal bacon

It’s considered one of the best dishes made with local meat. It is a must-try, especially if you are a pork lover.

This dish is the perfect combination of pork and corn. In order to cook it, the pork loin is cut into thin slices that are pickled and marinated in corn flour. Initially, this dish used pea flour. However, after World War I, the recipe was transformed.

Canadian Macaroni and Cheese

This dish has become the country’s signature dish consumed by most Canadians. It is also considered a national signature dish today. A creamy texture makes these macaroni a delight to eat.

Poutine 1


It is one of Canada’s most recognized dishes. Originally from Quebec, only in Canada can you enjoy a true Poutine, as one of its ingredients is cheese curds, or lightly cured cheddar cheese, which is almost impossible to find outside the country.

Poutine consists of a combination of french fries accompanied by thick gravy and unique cheese. In the different regions of Canada, there are variations to this dish, but without losing the essence of this Canadian-style food. So if you are traveling around the country, we recommend you try the different variations.

You can find it with beef, pork, and rabbit. It is also made with one of the most delicious ingredients, seafood, which is plentiful in areas near the sea. While traveling in Canada, it will not be difficult to find this dish as it is trendy.


Tourtière is the typical Canadian Christmas dish. Visiting the country during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays allows you to enjoy this delicious and festive typical food.

A cake preparation like this one, with meat filling that can be pork, venison, or beef, has been created by combining influences from France, England, and America.


Fiddleheads are one of the main foods of Canada. It is made with tender fern leaves that remain rolled up and can be prepared with chicken, potatoes, and vegetables, according to the diner’s taste.

This dish is highly nutritious, as the fern leaves are rich in Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids and contain high percentages of iron and lots of fiber.

Pastrami Burger

Calgary Beef Hash

Calgary Beef Hash is a typical dish from the Calgary region. In this region, meat has a leading role on the plate, but other ingredients accompany it.

This meal is a rich hamburger with beef steaks, beans, potatoes, and salad. It is a wonderful combination of flavors you can only find in Calgary. Don’t hesitate to include this fantastic dish on your must-try list during your visit.

Travel now and enjoy this series of Canadian dishes.

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  1. My Nana was French Canadian and these dishes are among those she served us as children – poutine being my favorite. Tourtière was always served at Christmas. But my favorite was her sugar tart. Now I want poutine and a sugar tart. 🙁

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