Rack and Roll Ribs (Browns Bay, North Shore City, New Zealand)

If you are craving for some fork tender pork ribs and live in the North Shore then Rack and Roll Ribs is your answer, this no frills restaurant is unlike Bushman’s Grill where it is in a proper restaurant setting, this one is for the ones who loves dining at the comfort of their own homes, while there are tables on premises it is a place meant for takeaways as what we had noticed. Regardless, we still dined in on premises as they have the basics, a table and a chair, nothing fancy, just a simple place to enjoy your food.

Located in Browns Bay just near New World it is quite an accessible location with many parking spots, it in the commercial district of Browns Bay tucked between many dining spots and shops. We visited the place during dinner and as expected there was no one dining in, but there were heaps of uber delivery pickups and takeaway order. Menu was quite straightforward, its composed of ribs and chicken in different combo meals. There are also side dishes like calamari, garlic bread, salad, chips, and others.

So here is what we had ordered.

2 combos of 1/2 Rack and 1/2 Chicken (NZ$33.00/each) and we chose the Lemon and Herb & Peri-Peri flavours

Calamari served with Tartare sauce (NZ$17.00), A generous portion of fresh squid lightly floured then deep fried, served with lemon wedge and homemade Tartare sauce.

Cheesy Garlic Bread (NZ$8.00)

Garden Salad (NZ$11.00)

and Coleslaw (NZ$6.00)

Yes, it was a big meal, and this was shared with 6 people, and it was enough.
Ribs were delicious, fall off the bone and well portioned. It was sweet not overwhelming like some American Style Barbecue, I guess is this more of a South African style knowing that they are serving Peri Peri chicken.

The chicken was tasty both Lemon and Herb & Peri-Peri. Lemon and herb were sour but in an enjoyable way. Peri Peri was spicy not too much, at least for me.

Calamari was great too, nice, and crispy and good serving size. Chips were perfectly fried, nice crisp outer layer with a smooth inside.

Not all were great, there were some let downs too luckily, they are not the main items and just the sides. First was the Cheesy Garlic Bread which was burnt, it was also hard to get out of that foil as the melted cheese was stuck and was not easy to grab hold off. The coleslaw felt like it was from a supermarket, I may be wrong. Cabbage was not sliced thinly and probably not soaked in an icy water, so it tasted a bit bitter. It lacked the tanginess and creaminess too.

Apart from those two, everything was fine. Price wise it is not cheap and not expensive either. Nothing to complain about the service because the only interaction was the ordering bit, as mentioned it is a no-frills place, after ordering it is up to you to set up your stuff.

Rack N Roll Ribs
Address: Suite 6/25 Anzac Road, Browns Bay, Auckland 0630, New Zealand
Website: https://www.racknrollribs.co.nz/

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  1. Wish those bbq meats ain’t loaded with sugar. I usually season my steak or meat with just salt, sometimes with garlic, pepper or cumin.

  2. suituapui says:

    The ribs look like to die for! I am going to have that for our dinner at a restaurant here tonight. Will blog about it soonest. We had calamari the other day – my girl’s favourite. I did put up a blogpost on it and all the other nice stuff that we had for our dinner that evening. Hop over and have a look!

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