Major Tom (Rosedale, North Shore City, New Zealand)

If you have noticed many of our brunch posts are from Cafes, the reason being is that the cafe culture here in New Zealand is quite big, they are the epicentre of social hours in New Zealand. Morning and afternoon tea are quite common for many Kiwis even though ordering tea is quite rare. Around 10 am and 3 pm, day in day out during workdays, Kiwis take a break from their workday and treat themselves to a hot hot beverage and something to nibble often with their colleagues and if it is a weekend this is usually enjoyed with family and friends. This hot beverage is usually coffee because of this culture. Our baristas here are one of the best in the world, using those perfect roast and an extravagant form of espresso machine.

Now you might think food here are just the normal cabinet items, but lo and behold they make decent food as well and each cafe has their specialty like the cafe for today, Major Tom. A popular cafe in Rosedale perfectly positioned where the industrial offices are located. They offer the usual cabinet items that are always fantastic with a vast selection catering to a variety of tastes and dietaries, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, nut free, you name it they have it. They also have a good fresh from the kitchen menu like their fried chicken French Toast, variety of Eggs Benedict, Burger, Big Breakfast, Toast even a Make your own breakfast selection. Many complain about the selection but for me it is the perfect, I would rather have a few menu selection rather than be stressed about 100 different items to choose from, having said that, doing it this way you are sure that the kitchen will be mastering only a few items rather than sending out average food but with many options.

As usual as many of our cafe visits, we came here for a brunch on a weekday, it was past the Kiwi Cafe hour, so we do not have to worry about the cafe rush hour and enjoy the place in serenity. As most typical Kiwis we grabbed some hot drinks, not flat white (NZ National Hot Drink) but instead we had some Long Black (NZ$4.50) and Hot Chocolate (NZ$5.50), beans used on the coffee was Coffee Supreme which is one of my favourite beans.

And for brunch we had some Creamy Mixed Mushroom (NZ$25.00) served with a Brioche, Poached Egg, Crushed Hazelnut, Seasonal Vegetables and Grana Padano. One of my favourite breakfasts of course and their version did not disappoint. Creamy, savoury, and perfect with that soft brioche, I love the mushrooms used, first time I see this kind, looks like button mushrooms but tiny, they aesthetically look good and tastes even better, I love the texture as well, like eating small boba balls but savoury.

Also grabbed an item in the cabinet and what we had was a Blueberry Muffin (NZ$6.50), smaller than the typical muffins you get in NZ, but it was all worth it, that cream on top gave it an extra edge amongst others.

Overall, we liked it, although we did not order that much, those two things summed up what these guys can offer. Quite a nice cosy place, good decor, and friendly staff. Will come back for more.

Major Tom
Address: 87 Apollo Drive, Rosedale, Auckland 0632, New Zealand
Phone: +649 216 5514

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3 Responses

  1. Not my kind of food, but the place looks quite neat!

  2. suituapui says:

    Major Tom? David Bowie? I think there is a sone by this same name.

  3. That blueberry muffin with cream on top is really fun. Add in the cappuccino and I’d call that a perfect mid-day snack!

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