Little Grump (Wellington CBD, New Zealand)

Lets start by me saying this. “This is the best croissant I ever tried in New Zealand and probably the world”, yes that is a bold statement and it is true, when I took that first bite here up until the last, my face is all smiling as I munch on those goodies. I still remember the minute I arrived in Auckland from Wellington after a business trip, I told my wife I found the croissant we were looking for, pertaining to the croissants we had in Zurich and Paris which was so buttery, very flaky and cloud soft pillowy.

I came here for a breakfast before heading to office, I discovered it after walking around looking for a coffee, luckily I stumbled upon this small shop otherwise I would be missing a lot in life. What they offer is simple, sandwich, toastie, pastries and coffee and that’s about it. I love shops like this, becuase these types of shops focus on perfecting their trade removing the unnecessary burden on managing a variety of menu items and trust me they perfected that croissant dough already.

They bake things in shop fresh daily so their menu varies daily. When I visited the place I had this ham and cheddar croissant and cinnamon morning bun made with croissant pastry. OMG until now I can still remember that first bite. While enjoy those pastries, I had my usual long black on the side and I believe they use Coffee Supremes’ signature Supreme blend which have a milk chocolate after taste and very mild citrus style acidity, it matched perfectly with that sweet croissant that I had.

A place that I can recommend, who ever makes those croissant dough is a certified wizard, it is simply phenomenal.

Little Grump
Address: 142 Featherston Street, Wellington Central, Wellington 6011, New Zealand

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