Tok Tok (Hobsonville, Auckland, New Zealand)

We tried Tok Tok several times in the past and we loved it, it is one of those Asian Fusion cuisines done right. So, what do I mean by that? Well usually when it comes to Asian fusion the flavours are not as rich as the real Asian dishes, toning it down for the Western taste but here in Tok Tok there are no skimping of flavours so whether you are Asian or Western, you will definitely enjoy what they serve here.

Tok Tok Takapuna was the first of their restaurants, and it is a popular one, when we visit this place, it is always jam packed with loyal patrons. They have a new branch in Hobsonville which is great for us since it is near where we live, we do not need to travel to North Shore when we crave for their Crispy Duck. Today while we love their Crispy Duck, we will try something else and at their new branch and to say the least it was the same Tok Tok quality, so you will not be disappointed. Tok Tok in Hobsonville is quite new, the place looks vibrant compared to their Takapuna branch, it is well lit but still maintained that classy feel. The feels quite big but they do not have the outside dining area.

It was a special day when we came in here, not a birthday or anniversary but this is the first time our daughter treated us outside, not her first pay though but I guess this is the start of something new, our grown up daughter paying for our dine outs šŸ™‚ It was dinner when we visited and ordered several items starting from the Crispy Wagyu Beef Steamed Bun (NZ$15.00) served with sriracha mayo and pickled cucumber. It is a one piece folded steamed bun, while it may be a single order, the serving size is quite ample, just one of this is quite good enough to fill your hunger. It comes with a lightly battered Wagyu Beef that has been deep fried to give it a crunchy texture, the sauce complemented the beef well and that fluffy bun was simply great, it was seasoned well.

We also had some Sticky Pork Ribs ($NZ21.00) with sesame, crispy garlic, and herbs. This was our favourite, fall of the bone tender pork ribs in an Asian Style sauce, sweet and savoury with small hints of spiciness. Comes with two large chunks of ribs, cannot get enough of this.

A Roasted Duck Salad (NZ$25.00) with lychee, basil. coriander, ginger in hot nā€™ sour dressing. This was one hefty salad done like a som tam, with thin strands of carrots, green papaya (or cucumber, I guess) and raw bean sprouts which gives it a nice fresh crunch cutting through the savouriness of the duck. The lychee gives it a nice sweetness and the dressing was just fantastic.

Then finally the Duck Pad Thai (NZ$34.00) served with rolled rice noodles, dried shrimp, and peanuts. This is a different take to Pad Thai, more like a cross between a noodle dish and a salad. Served with a rolled rice noodle with lots of herbs and vegetables. The duck used here feels like the crispy duck that we loved. It was good but not a huge fan as I am expecting more noodles on this one but the way they did this was quite brilliant as the rice noodles were rolled so giving it a nice chewy mouthful bite.
Overall, this place is as good as the Takapuna branch if not better. Food was definitely fantastic; the place was vibrant but not as noisy as the one in North Shore. Definitely looks cleaner as it was new, the service was great too. Now that we have a Tok Tok near us, we will definitely be back here and grab our usual favourite.

TokTok Hobsonville
Address: 120 Hobsonville Road, Hobsonville, Auckland 0618, New Zealand
Phone: 09 416 0888
Website: https://www.toktokhobsonville.co.nz

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