BannSang Korean Restaurant (Auckland CBD, Auckland, New Zealand)

Today we have something different for an office day lunch time affair, usually when I am in the office our go to lunch was always in Commercial Bay. Today, me and my team decided to have some Korean shared lunch and we had it at BannSang. Located in High Street it is a short stroll from work, located in a prime spot in the Auckland CBD where most of the boutique shops are located as well as several Asian restaurants.

BannSang is known for its Jjigae or Korean Stews where diners are served with a tabletop stove with a pot filled with ingredients for you to complete the cooking process. Similar concept to Shabu Shabu or hotpot, but instead of you putting the ingredients in, this Korean version have all of the ingredients in the pot already and all you got to to is wait for it to cook. It is really good dish to have during winters as it ensures that your stew is always hot.

There were five of us when we dined in here and we grabbed two medium jjigaes and that was more than enough for us with an extra side dish. They have five options for there to share Jjigae and we chose Budae Jjigae (NZ$45.00) made with Spicy Sausage soup with kimchi, tofu, soybean sprout, corned beef, ham, pork belly and ramen noodles.

We also had Bulgogi Jeongol (NZ$45.00), prepared with marinated Beef Casserole with glass noodles and assorted vegetables.

Both Jjigaes are served with 4 side dishes and 2 portions of rice. The side dishes were Kimchi off course, sweet potato, pickled radish and seasoned kelp.

For the other sides we grabbed some Tteokbokki (NZ$13.00) which is basically a rice cake and fish sausage in a sweet and spicy sauce.

All my expectations were spot on, every order we had was amazing, I loved everything so no need to point out how they all tasted like. We even have one colleague who was trying Korean for the first time, and he loved everything that we ordered. All of the dishes were comforting, filling and delicious. Price wise its Ok specially knowing that this place is located in a prime spot. That $45.00 soup can probably feed three light eaters or two hungry men. Nothing to complain about the service and the place was nice and clean as well, overall we are happy with our dining experience here.

BannSang Korean Restaurant
Address: 47 High Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
Phone: +649 302 1838
Website: https://www.facebook.com/bannsangnz/

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