Goode Brothers Northwest (Westgate, Auckland, New Zealand)

Our post for today is one of the last restaurants that I haven’t tried yet at Northwest, the reason being is that when it comes to dining out, usually bars, pubs or gastropubs is usually our last option since we are not a big fan of them, just not into those kinds of food anyways and usually when we go to one, we are after the drinks rather than the food. Goode Brothers while it’s a bar style, it’s not the typical English-Kiwi style bar where most of the dishes are fried stuff, this place is a Kiwi-Italian bar where it offers Italian classics like pizza, pasta and parmigiana. It’s also a place to learn how to make them as they offer Pizza and Pasta making classes.

When we do our usual afternoon walks, we always see this place with lots of people, I am not sure if it’s the food but one thing for sure it’s one of the nicer watering holes in the Northwest area but we did not came here for that, we were here to try their Italian fare and see if it goes on par with the real pizza and pasta we tried in Italy.

Our order was simple, we came here for lunch and grabbed three mains from their Goode Times menu which was NZ$20.00 each, we also grabbed a pizza.

For the pizza our choice was the Meat lovers (NZ$27.90), made with bacon, salami, chicken and pulled lamb topped with BBQ sauce. BBQ sauce definitely is not Italian but the dough was really nice, thin, chewy and crispy, like a proper Italian pizza. Toppings was quite moreish compared to the real ones but not over the top, just right. In Italy pizza are more focused on the dough and the good quality ingredients that is why even they don’t put a lot of toppings they still do taste amazing, here it’s more of a balance between the dough and the topping, it was meaty on every bite and it was good.

Then for the other mains, first was the Stone Baked Piada (NZ$20.00), basically like a calzone but instead of fully enclosed dough, this one is more of a folded pizza. It was filled with Italian pork belly, mozzarella cheese in white sauce and parsley. The dough is similar to the unfolded one, so on the dough side it was OK, filling side was good as well but we find it quite dry, like a sandwich without any sauce, perhaps more white sauce could address this issue.

Then we had the Chicken Parmigiana (NZ$20.00), I guess we all know this, breaded deep fried chicken topped with ham and melted mozzarella served on top of fries. Again, this was quite dry and the breading was crumbly, I felt like drinking every spoonful I had of this dish as it was quite rough, need some lubricant to push it to my throat. Flavour wise, it was OK but it was just let off with that dryness, not a fan.

Finally, the Spaghetti and Meatballs (NZ$20.00), beef & herb meatballs in Napoli sauce, this was the redemption. I loved the pasta, it was al dente and not a typical thick noodle, it was thin which I really liked the texture. The meatballs were really good too, well-seasoned, it was small sized which I think was the perfect size, enough for one bite. Sauce was lovely too.

Overall, it was just OK, there were good ones and there were some not so good ones. Definitely I would recommend the pizza and pasta. The place was quite nice too, well decorated and it was clean. Service was great and never had issues with it or what so ever. Never had a chance to try their beers since it was lunch time and I don’t feel like having one. Definitely this place would be great if you are going for a drink, match it with that great pizza then everything will be happy days.

Goode Brothers
Address: Shop 5, NorthWest Shopping Mall, Maki Street, Massey, Auckland 0814, New Zealand
Phone: +649 832 8400

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  1. That meaty lover sounds good to me!

  2. suituapui says:

    The spaghetti meatballs caught my eye!!!

  3. Hannah says:

    Wow, now that’s a super thin and crispy crust!

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