Gogi Korean Kitchen (Auckland CBD, Auckland, New Zealand)

Since we are have the Korean spirit from our Ramdon post yesterday, I am continuing that with this Korean place in Commercial Bay, and like our recent reviews on food stalls at Commercial Bay this will be quick one as well as I am the only one usually dining during this office days lunch hour visits. We had tried several places now from that posh food court and I guess this will be my 5th restaurant there.

Gogi Korean Kitchen specialises in one thing, the Korean Fried Chicken having said that they also offer other Korean items like Grilled items (Pork, Beef and Chicken) and Side dishes (Fried Rice, Fries and Chicken Soft Bones) but we are here for why people wait eagerly on its long queues. Their KFC menu offers 4 flavours, the original KFC, Yang Nyeom, Snowy Cheese and Garlic Soy. You can choose one or two per order and I chose the latter to try two different things at the same time.

I grabbed the half and half NZ$17.90 and chose the Yang Nyeom (Sweet and Spicy) and the Snowy Cheese, the set came with curly fries and coleslaw. Serving size was OK, just enough and each flavour would have around 3-4 pieces of boneless chicken. The curly fries was quite crispy and quite flavoursome, the coleslaw was a bit creamy but lacks a bit of tanginess that I was expecting. For the chicken, first the Yang Nyeom, was really good, it was sweet and savoury on first bite until the spice kicks in, it was spicy but tolerable, you can still taste the chicken and the spices may be hot but it’s not overpowering or hiding the chicken flavour, this was a 9 out of 10. For the Snowy Cheese, basically it’s the usual KFC, crunchy and savoury, the cheese topping is quite sweet more like a combination of parmesan and powdered milk flavour, which complements the whole chicken dish, for this one it will be a 7 out of 10, I prefer the ones KS Chicken sells they were juicier and it is obvious since they were served from the bone.

Overall, I liked it, presentation was nice for a fast food, it’s a bit pricey though but it’s understandable since it’s in a prime spot. If you are in a hurry then check the queues first as this is an indication on how long before you can enjoy your meal, lines are long at this place and you can’t see them sometimes as you are handed over a device that calls you when your order is due. At least you can roam around first while waiting for that delicious KFC that is waiting to be devoured.

Gogi Korean Kitchen
Address: 21 Queen Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

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