21 Grams Cafe & Patisserie (Rosedale, Auckland, New Zealand)

When we first came here in New Zealand many years ago there were only a few choices for breads and pastries, by default it was Bakers Delight or the supermarket. Most of these bakeries from the past usually sells those heavy dense bread as they are usually eaten as the primary meals i.e., breakfast, lunch and dinner but in Asia breads are treated more as a snack or dessert hence pastries sold there are usually light and airy. Then came bakeries like Classic Bakehouse and after that a raft of Asian style bakeries came next. Now there are many options to choose from which we really liked.

The most recent ones we tried was the 21 Grams Cafe and Patisserie in Rosedale, a nice little spot in the corner of Rosedale Road and Apollo Drive, quite a busy cafe so don’t expect for a nice quiet morning sipping your coffee. Having visited this place several times we did had tried different random items and that’s for a reason, becuase it’s so popular you don’t know whether the one you like or the one you want to try is available, so it’s a hit and miss on their display shelves, you don’t know what are you getting, it all relies on what goes out of the kitchen.

Whatever comes out does not matter anyways becuase all of the breads we tried to far are so nice, everything was soft, light, tasty, most of them were to die for. Everything is almost guaranteed freshly baked as the kitchen turnaround was quite fast so not to be frustrated when you want to visit this place is not to decide on what bread type you want but rather make that choice broader i.e., decide whether you want to have something sweet or savoury then you have more option available for that time.

Coffee was great as well; it should be specially if the bread or pastry it is pairing it with was great. What I don’t recommend is to order cooked meals on a busy morning, we had that mistake and will never do it again. We ordered some seafood chowder the last time we were there but after it took us 20 minutes waiting for it, the waitress said we have to wait another 20 more. So hot food was really not their focus, can totally agree becuase if you can make real good bread then just stick with it.

Anyways it was a good experience, in fact the waiters were really nice, very accommodating. The place was clean my complain with the space is that they should arrange it in such a way that the long queue to get your bread should not be placed beside the dining area as it makes the place so tight and people just bump your seats every now and then.

21 Grams Cafe & Patisserie
Address: 119 Apollo Drive, Rosedale, Auckland 0632, New Zealand
Phone: +649 478 0199
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/the21gramsCafe/

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3 Responses

  1. An interesting name for a bakery…

  2. suituapui says:

    Everything looks so tempting!

  3. Hannah says:

    Those pastries are dreamy! So elegant and skillfully made. Bummer about the wait and environment though. Hopefully they can hammer out the issues with service.

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