Pho Viet Street Food (Wellington CBD, Wellington, New Zealand)

Another day in our Wellington short trip and it was quite cold so we were in the lookout for something to warm us up like a nice stew or soup, it also happened to be that we are strolling around Dixon Street which are studded with amazing restaurants. At first, we passed by the restaurant “The Old Quarters” and we got several recommendations from friends to try this one out, but the time we were there, the wait time was quite long as it was right in the middle of lunch hour rush so we opted for some other place and found “Pho Viet”.

At first, we were quite hesitant as there were very few people who were dining in at the place during that time but there were no other options nearby so we decided to dine in here. The place is much bigger than “The Old Quarters“, possibly more than double the seating capacity, is does not look as hip as the other one and it was not as clean either. There were a lot of tables but most of them were not cleared up, possibly they don’t have enough staff during that time. As we sat, they did immediately cleaned the tables and the staff was quite friendly and helpful.

The menu was quite straight forward where the first page shows an illustration of what type of pho you can order, there were 9 different choices. At the back was the rest which consists of starter, banh mi, bun and pho xao (noodles), com (rice), goi (salad) and extras, not too much to make you a bit stressed on what to choose. They also have separate drinks menu.

So here is what we got.

For starters we had

Soft Shell Crab & Tamarind Glaze Steamed Bao Buns (NZ$12.00/2pcs)

Viet Popcorn Chicken (NZ$11.00) made with Delicious, Flavourful & Crisp Fried Tender Popcorn Chicken

Hanoi Handmade Summer Rolls (NZ$11.00/3 pcs), prepared with Fresh Rice Paper Rolls with Chicken, Herbs, Vermicelli, Pickles & Lettuce.

For Pho we grabbed three items

Pho Heo – Crispy Pork (NZ$16.90)

Pho Tai – Thinly Sliced Rare Beef (NZ$16.90)

Pho Chay – Tofu & Button Mushroom in Vege Broth (NZ$16.90)

We also grabbed some Wok Fried Noodles with Grilled Chicken (NZ$16.90)

And for the drinks we had some Vietnamese Egg Coffee (NZ$12.00), a Creamy, Rich & Lucious concoction prepared with Egg Yolk, Condensed Milk, Hazelnut Syrup and Vietnamese Coffee. Coffee was made using Medium to Coarse Ground Dark Roast Vietnamese-Grown Coffee with A Small Metal Vietnamese Drip Filter.

For the verdict. Well, the Pho was wonderful, just simple good food but nothing too special. What we really liked though was the Soft-Shell Crab & Tamarind Glaze Steamed Bao Buns, OMG this was really good, one of the best bao buns we ever tried. The rest was great too and to top things up the Vietnamese Egg Coffee was a good finisher that served like a dessert drink. Overall, we are happy, the pho might not be the best one out there but it served its purpose to fill and warm us up, don’t get me wrong it was not bad it’s just happens that there are better pho’s out there.

Pho Viet Street Food
Address: 40 Dixon Street, Te Aro, Wellington 6011, New Zealand
Phone: +644 801 8747

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