24 Best Beef Stews around the World

When you think of a beef stew what usually comes to mind is that tender beef cubes slowly cooked with potatoes and carrots on a rich gravy like sauce that gives that inner warmth which makes it a nice comfort meal specially during cold and rainy season but this humble dish have many varieties all over the world where it is not restricted to those three ingredients. Today we will be showcasing what beef stew might look like in other parts of the world, some may look different but all of them gives that same comfort and satisfaction.

Locro 1

Argentinian – Locro
It’s a national dish or many South and Latin American nations, with corn, beans, potato, pumpkin and off course beef it’s easy to understand why

Flemish Stew 1

Belgium – Carbonnade Flamande
Another national dish this time from Belgium, with dark Belgian beer it gives a pleasant and distinct sour and bitter taste.

Ropa Vieja 1

Caribbean – Ropa Vieja
It means “Old Clothes” but it’s not made with that, it was names like such because the beef is cooked for a long time it would look something similar don’t you think?

Cazuela de Vaca 2

Chile – Cazuela de Vaca
Tradition in Chile says that cazuela is typically eaten by taking the soup first, then eating the meat and vegetables last.

Chinese Style Braised Beef 1

China – Chinese Style Braised Beef
One of my favourites on this list, it is definitely flavour packed, tons of umami, hints of sweetness, earthy and nutty, perfect with a freshly cooked jasmine rice.

Beef Bourguignon 1

France – Boeuf Bourguignon
This traditional French stew made out of beef braised in red wine together with garlic, onions, carrots, bouquet garni, pearl onions and mushrooms. A popular peasant dish during 1600′s where it is slowly refined and made into haute cuisine.

Haitian Beef and Pumpkin Soup (Soup Joumou) 2

Haiti – Soup Joumou
If you want spice on your stew then this one is for you, prepared with beef, pumpkin, potato, plantains and vegetables such as parsley, carrots, green cabbage, celery, onions then finishing it off with some Scotch bonnet chillies for that nice kick.

Hungarian Goulash

Hungary – Hungarian Goulash
One of the few stews that is usually enjoyed with pasta, it has that unique spiciness and sticky thick texture that is worth trying.


India – Nihari
A stew that has that curry taste, yes India does have beef dish as well and can be found in the Muslim parts of the country hence this dish can also be seen in the Pakistani and Bangladeshi cuisine.

Beef Rendang 3

Indonesia – Beef Rendang
This dish held the top spots in many the years of the CNN’s World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods, its spicy, its hot, its tasty and it even gets better several days after it has been cooked.

Beef and Irish Stout Stew 1

Ireland – Beef and Irish Stout Stew
It can’t be more Irish than this, cooked with Irish Stout, it gives a really unique deep rich flavour that can’t be achieved with just a normal beef stock.

Coda alla Vaccinara 1

Italy – Coda alla Vaccinara
This simple Roman dish is made with oxtails and lots of celery, sometimes with the addition of raisins, candied fruit or grated bitter sweet chocolate giving it a nice mild sweet and sour taste.

Jamaican Oxtail Stew 1

Jamaica – Jamaican Oxtail Stew
Another oxtail on the list this time with butter beans, chillies plus a good amount of herbs and spices. A fusion of Spanish, British and African that becomes this totally unique Jamaican dish.

Gyusuji Nikomi 1

Japan – Gyusuji Nikomi
In addition to beef cubes, beef tendons and konnyaku are stewed for a long time until it is very tender and melts in your mouth. This stew is a texture explosion in your mouth.

Caldo de Res 1

Mexico – Caldo De Res
With corn, potatoes, carrots, cabbage and beef shanks, this truly is one complete meal on its own

Moroccan Beef Stew

Morocco – Moroccan Beef Stew
Pureed pumpkins and beef, this is the best of both worlds, its where Pumpkin soup and beef stew unites into one glorious dish

Kare Kare 5

Philippines – Kare Kare
There are many beef stews in the Philippines but if I have to choose one, it has to be this. Creamy beef stew infused with peanut butter and thickened by rice flour then enjoyed with a pungent fermented tiny shrimps, definitely this stew is out of this world.


Poland – Bigos
Ever wondered whether sauerkraut can be delicious in stew? Yes, they are.

Beef Stroganoff

Russia – Beef Stroganoff
Another beef stew that can be served with pasta but it’s not your typical red sauce, this one is stewed in sour cream.

Korean Beef Stew 1

South Korea – Korean Beef Stew
Sweet, spicy and succulent are only the few words that can be used to describe this magnificent dish.

Spain – Rabo de Toro
Another delicious oxtail on the list, this time from Spain, similar to the French one where meat is stewed in tomatoes and red wine.

Beef Rib and Meatball Stew (T'fina Pkaila) 1

Tunisia – T’fina Pkaila
Double the meat double the fun, with beef ribs and meatballs, this is a no brainer

Bo Kho 1

Vietnam – Bo Kho
Prepared with beef slowly simmered with Asian aromatics this certainly taste good and smells even better. Can be served with rice noodles, bread or just plain rice.

Vanilla Braised Beef Cheeks 2

Bonus, from my kitchen in NZ
Freestyle – Vanilla Braised Beef Cheeks

Yes, you can use vanilla on savoury dishes too and it works really well.


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  1. Anthony -Héctor says:

    Hey Raymund,.
    Well the detailed mail I just wrote to you just vanished;-(.
    Anyway, the gist was to thank you for the delish beef stew recipes from across the globe.
    I am familiar with a number but those I don’t know have got my mouth watering and eager to try them out.
    And I am still eating! Yummo Greek vegetarian but totally satisfying.
    Cheers mate!

  2. What a great collection of beef recipe! Oxtail is my favourite.

  3. mjskitchen says:

    I love this list. So many new stews that I’ve never heard of and look delicious enough to want to try. It’s a little hot for stews right now, but I’m saving this list for cooler weather. Thanks for putting it together.

  4. Hannah says:

    This might seem strange, but your list is incredibly inspiring! I just don’t know much about traditional meat dishes, and would love to find a way to make them vegan to enjoy them, too.

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